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Hotel Mum

Here are some fun ideas for how to use self storage

Series 1 - Hotel Mum

It’s never easy. The end of one chapter and then diving into the deep end. A new life event that has never been experienced before. However, when you turn a certain age, it’s time. We are talking about moving out of Hotel Mum and Dad – one of the most difficult transitions in everyone’s life.

But what are the pitfalls of making the move? And how can self storage help you along the way? Read on to find out.

Above all, moving out of Hotel Mum and Dad creates one thing: a significant increase in responsibility. You are now faced with this challenge and have to take the plunge without any excuses.

Whether you have a whole flat for yourself or just one room in a shared apartment, the most difficult mission here is to keep everything clean and tidy because this doesn’t just happen miraculously as it might have done before.

For some, this might seem like a Herculean task. But things are not quite as difficult as they seem at first. You have to do the laundry, cook your own food, and keep an eye on the budget.

Many of the services that were previously provided by your mother are no longer available. This is exactly why we use the expression Hotel Mum and Dad. Teenagers feel like they live in a hotel, where staff is responsible for dusting, hoovering, and mopping the floors.

Worse even, your mother could throw you out. If that happens, you need a quick solution. Nowadays, this can be harder than it sounds. The housing situation is quite tense, particularly in large cities. Finding an apartment is not easy and it can’t be taken for granted.

It might take a while until you find a new flat or a free room in a shared apartment. In the meantime, you need a solution for all your things. What are the options for temporary storage? We have an answer.

The alternative solution: self storage

“Self - what?” – many young adults might have never heard of this. Mind you, the self storage industry in Germany and Europe is quite young, too. One could say that it’s not that much older than the members of the current generation.

Self storage is an idea that originally came from America, where it has been around for quite some time. In the early 2000s, it was imported to Europe, including Germany, and became gradually accepted by the people and filled with new meaning.

The self storage principle works as follows: You rent a storage unit and can use it to store all the things you don’t need at your home. It’s like renting a basement of your own (but without the moisture and with more room) or an attic.

Self storage is a great solution for young people who have just made or are about to make the move from Hotel Mum and Dad. Old childhood furniture, for example, that doesn’t quite match the style of the new apartment can be put there. Above all, you can it use to store all your essential belongings if you haven’t found a flat yet. You can also use a storage unit to store all the non-essential belongings that you haven’t yet found a solution.

That way, you don’t have to worry about removing them just yet. We can also reassure all our young reality show viewers. The stuff that happens in fictional series like “Storage Wars” is prohibited by law in Germany. These TV programmes are commonly associated with self storage but are largely unrealistic.

Where do I go to put my things? Off to LAGERBOX

LAGERBOX offers premium self-storage services. Rent a unit and put all your childhood furniture and other bulky items into storage, conveniently and flexibly. And all your other belongings, too. Many of our business customers use LAGERBOX as an external warehouse. For them, LAGERBOX even offers a package receiving service.

We at LAGERBOX are particularly flexible when it comes to changing your storage unit size. Whether you need more room or less, all you have to do is speak to one of our friendly staff, who will take care of the switch as quickly as possible.

In case some of you feel caught off guard because you don’t know how big a storage unit should be. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Go to the LAGERBOX website and use our free-of-charge size calculator. Enter the items you want to put into storage and the tool will put out the storage box size that is perfect for you. We don’t want you to pay for more than you need. Of course, finances are always an issue.

But when it comes to safety, there is no need to worry. LAGERBOX is just as safe as Hotel Mum and Dad. Every unit is secured with a lock and a personalised code. Only LAGERBOX customers have access to the main hall where all the units are.

The facilities are under video surveillance, equipped with alarm systems, and guarded by a security company. Lastly, all items put into storage are insured.

Our long opening hours are convenient. Most of our facilities are open from 6am until 11pm.

Are you ready to move from Hotel Mum and Dad into Hotel LAGERBOX? Your household belongings will be glad.

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