Storing collectables


All kinds of things can be stored at LAGERBOX. They range from furniture to files, tools, and even merchandise. There is one particular thing, however, that doesn’t get mentioned as often: collectables. You can collect many things.

Back in school, people collected and traded Pokémon or Panini stickers. This type of collecting is largely done by children, even if many parents and fathers would love to go back in time and spend all their money on football stickers at the newsagents.

The collecting hobby gets a bit more complex during adulthood. In many cases, earning money is often added to the passion for collecting. Collectables are seen as investments. To really be one, they need to be one thing above all else: rare.

Even if you’re not a great collector yourself, you will have things in your cellar that are worth something – and you might not even know it. For this reason, LAGERBOX will highlight the most valuable collectables that you might have, which have the potential to become an investment.

Thanks to the self-storage formula, you have everything you need to store them.

It’s easy to rent a storage unit at LAGERBOX, to store all of those belongings that you don’t need at home or that are in the way. In your unit, you can indulge in your collecting hobby because it’s simply a good place to store your precious items.

Thanks to our comprehensive security concept, including video surveillance, alarm systems, a security company, and personalised access codes and padlocks, you have complete peace of mind at LAGERBOX, and everything is accessible only to you.

Let’s talk about those collectable investments we highlighted earlier:

Vinyl records and rare retro recordings

We may live in 2023 but the vintage trend has caught up with us. This is one of the few online trends that continue to have considerable clout. Retro was cool and still is. Fans of a retro lifestyle look for sounds with a particular melancholy.

In an age of online music streaming that puts every song ever written right at your fingertips, many have forgotten about vinyl, cassettes, and even CDs. Rare vinyl records are particularly popular. Since record players have also become rare, they can be quite valuable.

Above all, however, rare vinyl records are the most valuable assets. Since new music is not always put out on record, these are most often old records.

Here’s an example of a rare record or recording: The acetate record with the first vocal recording of The King, Elvis Presley, which was auctioned for 305,000 dollars, or the first pressing of the Beatles’ “White Album” with the serial number 0000001, which yielded as much as 790,000 US dollars in 2015.


Comic books are also still very popular. Comics bring up memories of your childhood and many adults read them, too. No matter whether it’s Donald Duck or anime. Comics are iconic.

If you own comic books, it might be worth taking a closer look at the treasures in your attic or your cellar – they might be worth something.
The first edition of the Superman comic with the number one changed hands for 3.3 million dollars in the US.

That's another big leap in price compared to the records. The record price was topped by Detective Comic No. 27 for 3.4 million dollars. This is the first comic ever to feature the superhero Batman.

Action figures

You might have paid only a few euros for your first action figures. However, their current market value might be considerably higher. Another reason why you should open those dusty old boxes.

An Obi-Wan Kenobi figure from the Star Wars universe with a double-extending lightsaber fetched a whopping 65,000 dollars at Hake's, an auction house. This is a very high value, especially if you consider the original investment.

Put out in 1964, G.I. Joe is considered the mother of all other action figures and is now worth just under 200,000 dollars.


Let’s look at collectables in liquid form: Whiskeys do not lose quality with age, their quality increases. When it comes to old whiskeys, there are some experts in the world who would pay quite a bit extra for special bottles.

Whether you drink it or put it into storage in your LAGERBOX self-storage unit as an investment is an individual decision. Some whiskeys are so valuable that you would probably feel bad drinking them.

There is also a GOAT, as football fans call it, in the world of whiskeys. It’s the Macallan Valerio Adami 1926. Only 24 bottles of it were bottled, which highlights its extreme rarity. One of these bottles, where even the label resembles a work of art, went over the counter for 1.1 million dollars. It would be interesting to work out how much one sip is worth.

Trading cards from sports

We’re approaching our last item and return to the above-mentioned Panini stickers. Almost. The most valuable collectables in sports are not the stickers but the cards. Here, it is particularly important that the cards are in mint condition with no creases or bends.

These cards are particularly popular in America. Basketball, football, baseball – it’s not so much about the type of sport.

The picture on the card determines its special value. It’s all about the athletes. There are a few finer points, however. The value goes up if the card glitters, if it’s particularly rare, if it’s signed, or if a piece of the player’s jersey is incorporated into the card. A Playoff Contenders “Championship Ticket” rookie card by Tom Brady was sold in the US for 400,00 dollars.

Never mind what your favourite collectable is. At LAGERBOX, you can store anything that your heart and your passion for collecting desires.

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