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LAGERBOX at the heart of a mega trend

Mega trend

What can we observe in today’s society? People’s opinions are becoming more differentiated, people are becoming more instrumentalised due to external influences, and crises are becoming more frequent. One key change is not talked about as much: People are multiplying.

Compared to 100 years ago, the world’s population has increased almost sevenfold to seven billion people. This phenomenon can be explained by human development and its consequences. More people means building more living space.

More people means that more people need jobs. More people means that rural and village life is decreasing because more rural areas are used to build houses. Large cities are also expanding, taking up more space, and they, too, are creating more living space. Half of humanity now lives in metropolitan areas and large cities like Cologne, Hamburg, or Munich.

In large cities, there is another trend that is easily observed right in front of our doorsteps. It’s sharing. Many people are already riding around using e-scooters or sharing cars. Practicality is clearly more important than owning things.

This is also where self-storage comes into play. And, with it, LAGERBOX. It is not surprising that the self-storage industry has been booming since it immigrated to Europe about 30 years ago.

Self-storage units are rented and can be used to store almost anything. This matches the sharing trend as well as the urbanisation trend. LAGERBOX is available in many large cities all over Germany and is helping people to solve their storage space issues in a convenient and flexible way.

However, not only people with a need for additional space can make good use of LAGERBOX. LAGERBOX is also frequently used to temporarily store things when moving house, or used for business storage purposes. LAGERBOX also accepts deliveries for its business customers.

Renting a unit is especially convenient because you can flexibly upgrade your box to a larger one or decrease box size when your needs change. To make sure you only pay for the space you need, you can calculate that space using the handy size calculator on the LAGERBOX website.

Other advantages of LAGERBOX include affordable rates, a comprehensive security system, including video surveillance, alarm systems, codes, and locks, and, of course, clean and dry storage units.

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