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Oh, the best-before date has just expired a minute ago – there’s no way I can eat this yoghurt now. This might sound bizarre, but this is the reality that many people live in. We live in a throw-away society – there’s nothing sustainable about that, unfortunately.

What does that have to do with self-storage though?

LAGERBOX wants to help prevent that everything gets thrown away. You can put everything into storage with us if it’s not perishable like in the example above.

Put it into storage – instead of throwing it away!

If you have children, this could be the first item on the agenda: toys. There’s no point in throwing things away just because you don’t have use for them at the moment. It’s worth storing these things. For one, there’s nostalgia. Your kids grew up with these toys and had a special connection to them, after all. If they can remember them, they might want them back someday.

Besides, who knows what the future brings? They might want them for their own children, or even grandchildren. Additionally, saving them saves costs because you still have useable toys in storage. In today’s world, where far too much plastic ends up in the oceans, you will save plastic waste and greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

The second item here is clothing – and, here, one aspect of the first example we talked about returns. Clothing, too, can be stored and saved for the next generation. If there’s one thing the past has shown us, it’s that clothing trends always come back – as surreal as those trends might have seemed in hindsight.

If you decide those clothes are not for wearing anymore, you can still get creative and use them to produce something new.

The third item refers to something that is put into storage most frequently at LAGERBOX: We’re talking about pieces of furniture.

They are even worth something sometimes. Even if they are not: Young people moving into their own flat will be happy to take them without the funds for expensive designer furniture.

In a time of retro styles, furniture can also be re-used as vintage decor. Creative upcycling is possible using furniture, too.

In addition to recycling and upcycling, the simplest method to deal with these things is self-storage. And when it comes to self-storage, there’s only one place that’s the perfect fit: LAGERBOX. Come to us if you’re ready to breathe new life into your old belongings.

Remember the claim of our company: Give your things a home. It’s a perfect match.


At LAGERBOX, you can put all kinds of things into storage. They can be furniture, household belongings, special equipment, tools, merchandise but also clothing and toys. All you have to do is rent a box. You can do so via telephone, online, or in person at one of our facilities.

Use the size calculator on our website to calculate the perfect size for your unit so that you never pay for more space than you need. If the box turns out to be too small, you are completely flexible to upgrade to a larger one. Downgrading is also possible anytime.

The units at LAGERBOX are available in many different sizes starting at one cubic metre. Thanks to a comprehensive security system, everything is burglar-proof. It includes a security service, video surveillance, alarm systems, personalised padlocks, and access chips, making sure only our customers can access the facility.

LAGERBOX offers its storage units to private households and business customers. For the latter, we offer a package receiving service.

Come and meet us at one of our facilities and see for yourself.

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