Storing merchandise

Storing merchandise

At LAGERBOX, you can store almost every item that you don’t want cluttering your home or your business premises. There are many reasons to do so: Moving house, going abroad, a damp cellar. LAGERBOX is always there for you when you need us.

Many companies store their merchandise and equipment in one of our units. We also take care of accepting their deliveries, which saves the staff of our business customers a lot of time.

Today, we want to look at storing merchandise. But what is merchandise? When we hear merchandise, we think of trading goods, which, in turn, somehow sounds like the Middle Ages when people exchanged potatoes for bread. The term is used quite differently today.

Merchandise or commodities are items or materials that are traded by commercial enterprises. They are traded not for potatoes but for profit. These objects, which include raw materials, capital goods, or consumer goods, can be given a home at LAGERBOX true to our company motto.
Merchandise is bought and sold by a company.

However, although the company is, of course, part of the value creation chain, it doesn’t create an added value within that commodity.

At a wholesale market, for example, things are sold for less than at a shop. However, those things still hold the same value. The company does not do anything to change the item, it doesn’t improve it. An example: A company buys a broken car fender and doesn’t do anything to it, doesn’t improve it, doesn’t remove any dents, or repaint it, but still sells it off at a higher price. This car fender is a good that has been traded.

The broken fender example is also not bad to clarify what you can store at LAGERBOX. It is one of many things (and many materials) that you can store in one of LAGERBOX’s storage units, which are available in various sizes.

Use the handy size calculator on our LAGERBOX website to calculate the space matching your needs and make sure you don’t pay for more than that. If you need more or less space, we at LAGERBOX are flexible. You can move into another storage unit whenever you need to.

Naturally, all our storage units are clean and dry. Moreover, our comprehensive security concept gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to your belongings: There is permanent video surveillance, each box has a padlock, and access to the site is coded.


LAGERBOX currently operates 28 storage facilities all over Germany. Several other locations are already in the planning and the construction phase. As a LAGERBOX customer, you tap into our long-standing self-storage expertise.

Feel free to visit us at one of our many sites all over Germany.

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