Storing tools and equipment for assemblers

tools and equipment for assemblers

At LAGERBOX, you can store almost anything you want that is cluttering your home although you don’t use it. LAGERBOX is used by private households as well as business customers to store their belongings.

This can include goods for sale or other things that need temporary storage. Some companies use our storage units to store materials or items they don’t need in their day-to-day work like files.

Tools and equipment for assemblers also fall into this category. Whether you are responsible for a business or have many tools and assembler equipment at home, it doesn’t matter. LAGERBOX will gladly help you out.

Tools and assembler equipment can cover a broad range: They can include a simple toolbox with hammers, screws, and wall plugs, but also larger machines for metalworking. Whatever it is, it can be stored at LAGEBROX.

Go to the LAGERBOX website to find out exactly how much space you need and make sure you don’t pay too much. We offer a size calculator that can help you determine the exact storage unit size you need and that best fits your needs.

Our motto at LAGERBOX is “Give things a home”. This motto is our mission, and it includes several qualitative standards that we use to make sure it really feels like home. One important aspect is security: All our locations are permanently under video surveillance and can only be accessed with a customer code.

All boxes have their own padlock. This gives things a safe home because nobody can access the unit without prior authorisation. All things stored with us are automatically insured.

Other important aspects are dryness and cleanliness. In addition to these two factors, all our units are temperature-controlled, which prevents mildew or other unpleasant things from developing.

Our opening hours give you access to your things on every day of the year between 6 am and 11 pm, so getting to your things before or after work is never a problem. However, that’s not all.

At LAGERBOX, we offer free-of-charge transport aids at all our locations, including pallet truck and trolleys. Many larger facilities also offer a free-of-charge transport van for moving into your unit. In addition to cargo elevators, some of our large facilities also have drive-in areas, making sure the way to your box is dry, short, and convenient.

We also offer a goods receiving service for our business customers.

Feel free to come round, see for yourself, and benefit from the excellent service at LAGERBOX.

* The transport van for moving in is included in the packages Smart and Premium, starting at a monthly rent of 50€. With the Premium package, you can even use it for moving out. Generally, use of the van requires talking to us beforehand about availability and dates. Use is limited to Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5:30 pm and Saturdays between 9 am and 3:30 pm. Thirty kilometres are included, every additional kilometre costs 0.50 euros.

Secure your moving set (1 moving box Basic & 1 archive box with lid, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.