Highest customer trust in 2022

customer trust

LAGERBOX received an award once again. The “2022 Highest Consumer Trust” award by “WirtschaftsWoche” went to LAGERBOX.

The award was given out in the “self-storage” category. LAGERBOX prevailed against many competitors in the self-storage industry and rose to first place in customer trust. Absolute deviation from the median in the industry was at 8.2 percent, LAGERBOX’s first runner-up only got 6.7 percent. The industry median of LAGERBOX and its direct competitors was 48.3 percent.

This makes LAGERBOX the only company to have received the level of “highest trust”. The following categories were “very high trust”, “high trust”, or no award.

Read on to find out how these categories are measured:
Commissioned by “WirtschaftsWoche”, the market research institute “ServiceValue” surveyed 537,962 consumers on brands from 120 different business sectors for the ninth time and asked them which brands they trust the most. One of these industries is the self-storage sector.

Check out the 39/2022 issue of “WirtschaftsWoche” to read the full story titled “Der Wohlfühl-Windbeutel” on the LAGERBOX results and other best-loved consumer brands. The full results table can be found underneath the article “Der Wohlfühl-Windbeutel: Rewe hängt Edeka ab”.

Due to its excellent placement, LAGERBOX will now receive a seal of quality with the title “HIGHEST CUSTOMER TRUST”. Thanks to numerous other customer surveys, this is not the first time LAGERBOX was able to claim this seal. This is a testament to our customers’ long-term satisfaction and makes us all at LAGERBOX very proud.

For this reason, we want to use the opportunity to say thank you to our customers because the results that led to this award come from customer surveys. These good results will make other customers aware of us and our excellent service. The staff at all our locations across Germany are always on our customers’ side and strive to help each customer individually. This can be in a personal consultation on-site, on the telephone, or via email.

In this way, the LAGERBOX staff and its clients are a good team, which has advantages for both sides.

LAGERBOX offers a way to stow away anything you want in storage units of various sizes. If you are a new customer, use the handy size calculator on our website to find out which storage unit size best suits your needs. You can now also complete the entire booking process online.

Existing customers can also use our online services now. At LAGERBOX, it is no problem to switch units if you decide you need less or more space, even at short notice. We at LAGERBOX are flexible!

There are many different reasons why renting a storage unit can make sense for you. They are, of course, highly individual. If you’re moving house, you might need short or long-term storage for some of your things. When going abroad, you might have to find a place for furniture and files.

If you’re a young entrepreneur with a start-up, a place to store your merchandise might come in handy (and is always available thanks to our opening hours from 6 am to 11 pm on every day of the week). A surfer might need a place to put her board in winter, especially if the cellar at home is damp, and so on, and so on...

For all these things, LAGERBOX can offer a perfect home. All our storage units are clean and dry. To make sure your belongings are safe, we have a comprehensive security concept: The entire premises of our facilities are equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems. These are accessible only with a code.

Additionally, every unit has its own padlock as well as a numerical code. We also offer a goods receiving service for our business customers. An additional on-site service is our free-of-charge transport aids, like pallet jacks, that help you get your thing to your box.

Why don’t you drop by? You will leave as another satisfied customer of LAGERBOX.

Source: WirtschaftsWoche, Link

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