Expansion at LAGERBOX in Cologne Poll

Expansion Cologne Poll

LAGERBOX is back, reporting on the expansion of another of our storage locations. We’re doing so although this facility is still rather new. The facility in question is our location in Cologne Poll. Read on to find out more about this in the following article. We have set up large storage units in this location’s cellar, which are particularly suitable for business customers.

LAGERBOX is used by private households as well as business customers to store their things. For businesscustomers, LAGERBOX also offers to accept deliveries on their behalf. LAGERBOX facilities are good for companies because they are easy to reach. Many of them are close to motorways and easy to access by lorry.

At Cologne Poll, we are creating 50 square metres of new storage units for business and private customers. The largest ones measure 45 square metres.

This is surprising because LAGERBOX has not been at this location for very long. We moved from a nearby location to Rolshover Straße 227 in 51105 Cologne. However, LAGERBOX has been in Cologne Poll since 2008. Next to our headquarters in Cologne Ossendorf and the new site in Cologne Mühlheim, this is our most important location in the Cathedral City.

The fact that we are creating more storage units is due to high demand. In Cologne, many people have trouble finding a good place to live and LAGERBOX gives them a space to put their belongings. Businesses also make up a large part of our customers.

This is also due to the new location: Our Poll-based facility is located in a business park and company traffic is an everyday occurrence. Our building in Cologne Poll is very easy to get to and close to the motorway. Additionally, our facility boasts an integrated fitness centre, which is in perfect condition thanks to the recent renovation of the entire building. The gym was added during the move.

Completion is scheduled for late October, so it is not long, and you can store all your things in LAGERBOX’s newest units.

These new boxes offer unique opportunities, especially for our business customers.

Let us give you a few examples

An assembly business, for example, can use LAGERBOX to store its tools and create space elsewhere. Among the great advantages we offer are our long opening hours, which we will talk about more later. Whatever else you need for your daily work as an installer or wish to store away for longer, LAGERBOX has a place for it. All our storage units are clean and dry.

Like assembly workers, storage at LAGERBOX is also a great solution for handypersons. They might end up not needing a space of their own or can at least declutter their homes. Another group of professionals who like to use LAGERBOX are sales representatives.

In general, anything that can be traded can be stored at LAGERBOX in a convenient and effortless way. Our customers benefit also from our flexibility: At LAGERBOX, you can adjust the size of your rented unit to better fit your needs at all times. Simply speak to a member of our friendly service staff. They are always available at our on-site service centre, ready to take care of any problem you might have.

We at LAGERBOX don’t want our customers to pay for more than they need. Use the handy size calculator on our website to determine the storage unit size you need.

This is but one of many advantages we offer at LAGERBOX. You can rent a unit with us starting at one week and at one cubic metre. When you move in, you can use our free-of-charge* transport van, which has plenty of space to move your things, even if they’re bulky or heavy. On location, we also offer many transport aids to help you move your belongings from your car to the box. They include pallet trucks or trolleys.

We also accept deliveries on behalf of our business customers. Our long opening hours are a huge benefit for them as for our private customers. You have access to your belongings every day of the year between 6 am and 11 pm. Getting to your things before or after work is not a problem. If you’re a business customer, very early deliveries are not a problem either. Our office hours are Mondays to Fridays between 9 am and 6 pm, and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

Our motto is: Give things a home! Doing so requires dryness, which is something we can provide unlike most cellars in private households. Cleanliness and security are other key factors. Access to the premises is only possible via code or chip and is thus limited to customers only. Every storage unit is additionally secured with a combination lock. All our buildings have alarm systems, and our corridors are equipped with video surveillance. On top, all your belongings stored at LAGERBOX are insured.

Another advantage is the cargo elevators that we offer at most of our facilities, which help you move your things between stories.
Contact us any time by calling us at +49 221 989 45 777, sending a fax to +49 221 989 45 775, or writing an email to koeln2@lagerbox.com.

Come by and see for yourself.

* The transport van for moving in is included in the packages Smart and Premium, starting at a monthly rent of 50€. With the Premium package, you can even use it for moving out. Generally, use of the van requires talking to us beforehand about availability and dates. Use is limited to Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5:30 pm and Saturdays between 9 am and 3:30 pm. Thirty kilometres are included, every additional kilometre costs 0.50 euros.

Secure your moving set (1 moving box Basic & 1 archive box with lid, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.