LAGERBOX again award winner


It has happened again:

After winning an award in 2021 and 2022, LAGERBOX won the Customer Favourite Award for the third time in a row in 2023. LAGERBOX was handed over the award by WirtschaftsWoche, a business magazine that belongs to Handelsblatt, Germany’s most important daily business newspaper.

From over 162 industries, 2,171 companies were scrutinised. In the “Providers of Self-Storage” category, LAGERBOX came in first place with a median score of 2.44 and a “Very highly recommended” rating. There is no higher recommendation level for this award.

The industry average for self-storage providers is 2.58. However, the decision for this award was not made by a jury or other decision-makers.

Customer is king

The 2023 Customer Favourite is determined in a large-scale market research survey that is conducted by Service Value in cooperation with WirtschaftsWoche. The deciders in these surveys are the customers. This is also the reason why the award is dubbed “Customer Favourite”.

During the survey phase, customers of all the relevant businesses are questioned about the company, the service, the staff and all the other things related to the companies operations.

They collect data on the overall impression and also specific questions for certain topics, which result in a score that is compared to other ratings from other companies and companies from other industries. This ensures that the ratings of the customers are paramount, and the awards are given out truly based on customer assessment.

Overall, food retailers received the highest ratings in this year’s survey. But LAGERBOX, too, received a top average score in the overall ranking, which could well have been listed in the Top 25 and can stand on its own against other companies, especially its immediate competition.

And seeing as this award is based on what customers say, LAGERBOX wants to say thank you to all our customers for all the positive reviews. LAGERBOX does its utmost to provide our customers with the best-possible support and to give a home to your belongings.

We also aim at continuously expanding to reach more customers and to make sure they have a home for their things, too. Despite these efforts, it is not always possible to accommodate all customer wishes. This is partially due to legal reasons.

In the end, we are incredibly proud of these results and do not take them for granted, even the third year in a row. Communication with our customers is better than ever, and customer satisfaction is also very high for this reason. These arguments are also not unimportant for potential new customers.

How does the LAGERBOX principle work?

LAGERBOX is a self-storage provider. The self-storage principle came to Europe and Germany via the US at the beginning of this millennium, making it a fairly young business in this country.

However, many people know how it works from TV programmes like “Storage Wars”. The only difference is: We don’t sell anything from our boxes. LAGERBOX lets out storage units so you can store your belongings there.

This includes files, furniture, or other household belongings – at LAGERBOX, you can store all the things you don’t want or don’t need at your home because they take up too much space. If you do need access to those things, you can drive to your box and take out the things that you need.

Business customers, too, can store their things at LAGERBOX, and our staff also offers a package receiving service. What’s most convenient is that you can adjust your storage space at all times. If you decide you need less or more space, even at short notice, this is absolutely no problem.

Our friendly staff is there to help. Another tip: If you have trouble determining how much space you need in the beginning, go to the LAGERBOX website and use our size calculator.

What are you waiting for? Get your belongings out of the damp cellar and put them into storage at LAGERBOX. The official Customer Favourite of 2023.

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