LAGERBOX awarded as top employer

Top employer

LAGERBOX was awarded a prize for top employers

Thanks to the self-storage boom, LAGERBOX has become a key player in the industry that helps people who are looking for additional storage space.

Going down this path wasn’t always easy, but the company was continuously pushed to go down that path by the passion and dedication of its staff. There are many reasons why this continuous work has now come to fruition. An important one is that people only become truly productive when they enjoy the work they do.

At LAGERBOX, great working conditions result in people who enjoy going to work every day.

Now, the magazine “FOCUS Business” has given out an award to LAGERBOX as a top employer. Yes, LAGERBOX can create great working conditions, but, in the end, it’s the employees who deserve praise. They made sure LAGERBOX received the award and they fill the company with life every day.

So, how did the award come about? In the following, we will outline how the study worked that led to it.

Three steps

The study consisted of an online survey that was complemented by an analysis of existing online surveys.

The first step was to select a sample. It included all companies with between eleven and 500 employees, that had received a sufficient number of staff reviews, and met the minimum requirements of “FOCUS Business”.

The second step was to analyse the data. The companies were evaluated based on the median of all the reviews as well as the number of reviews they received. The number of employees was also taken into account.

The third and final step was getting the results. Based on their number of points, 4,000 companies made the list of top employers among medium-sized companies in Germany, the so-called Mittelstand.

The survey partner was “Fact Field”. Together with the magazine “FOCUS Business”, they developed the methodology the survey was based on. “Fact Field” collects the data, analyses them, and then provides “FOCUS” with the full results. “FOCUS” magazine uses the prepared data for so-called data storytelling, which results in nicely prepared diagrams and graphs.

The results

A total of 35,000 companies were analysed, 338,000 staff reviews were collected, 4,300 medium-sized companies qualified, and 4,000 medium-sized companies were recommended.

LAGERBOX managed to secure a strong 27th place in the Traffic, Transportation and Logistics category. LAGERBOX was also included in the recommended medium-sized companies as part of the overall cross-industry ranking. The company received a score of 138.70 and ranked in 2,254 place. Read our following in-depth account of the individual steps to find out how the ranking came about.

The basis of the survey is more than 338,000 reviews from employees and existing online reviews of over 35,000 companies.

To be included in the analysis, the companies must be featured in both data sources, the survey and the online reviews, and match the following criteria: The companies had to be based in Germany, employ between eleven and 500 employees, have at least a 3.5 rating using a 5-point rating scale, and have at least five staff reviews on all the rating channels.

Ratings from the previous year were also included in the analysis but with a lower weighting.

Commissioned by “FOCUS Business”, “Fact Field GmbH” conducted a large-scale survey of all employers in Germany to collect the data. The survey used several different channels in order to be able to reach as many companies in Germany as possible with at least eleven employees.

The results were complemented by existing online reviews of the companies. These were the type that can be typically found on, say, “Google”.

The score

Every employer then received a score between 100 and 200, which was, in turn, gleaned using two factors: the average of the ratings and the amount of all incoming reviews. The survey, therefore, looks at quality and quantity.

In order to ensure that companies with many employees, and the ability to, in theory, produce more reviews, do not automatically rate higher than companies with fewer employees, the employers were put into size classes that were graded according to the number of employees.

These companies were then compared with companies from their respective reference group and also rated. The points generated within the reference group were determined based on the respective minimum and maximum ratings. In the end, the approximately 4,000 employers with the best scores across all groups made it to the ranking.

The final list

So, this is how one gets a list of about 4,000 companies with very high scores. If one wants to apply for a job at a company somewhere, these companies can be recommended. The “Focus” magazine not only publishes the list but also includes information on the company headquarters and employees.

On their website, the around 4,000 top employers can be searched by industry, state, region, and size class. Additionally, the companies are marked on a map of the country.
Finally, we want to thank all employees of LAGERBOX that gave their company such great reviews.

Since all the ratings are anonymous, they are also honest because the employees did not gain any advantage from voting in a certain way. This increases the value of the survey as well as the award. LAGERBOX is only possible thanks to its staff that works so well as a team. This is essential when working for a company as is enjoying one’s work.


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