LAGERBOX’s Cologne facility is moving


Bigger, better, and smarter

LAGERBOX is moving forward. We are doing so not only by opening new facilities in cities old and new but also by developing our existing facilities. This what we’ve been doing at our second facility in Cologne’s Poll district.

You won’t have to change your habits much, because the new building is quite close to the old one. However, we have expanded it significantly to make sure we have enough boxes for your storage needs in the future. While it’s only one-hundred fifty metres down the road, the new facility is definitely more stylish. The address is Rolshover Str. 227, so we have also made improvements regarding the location. The larger and more efficient building was formerly home to “Köln Flamme”. It has 5 stories including the ground floor. Another highlight of this particular facility is that a part of the available floor space will be taken over by “XTRAFit”, a company offering gym services to fitness enthusiasts.

What other advantages does the new building have?

In addition to the above-mentioned increase in size, i.e., more boxes at your disposal, it also has better visibility as well as more and better-quality equipment. We now have storage space covering 6.000 square metres and 1150 available units.

This facility doesn’t have a drive-in area but a ramp and two cargo elevators. Other than that, our new facility will offer all the services you are used to: This includes a free-of-charge* transport van that you can use for moving into your new storage unit. Once you’re inside the building, we provide you with free transport aids, including lifting carts. You can access your insured belongings, on 365 days a year between 6am and 23pm. In addition to insurance keeping your things safe, our buildings are also equipped with alarm systems and video surveillance.

LAGERBOX has an eye on the corridors all the time, making break-ins virtually impossible. Access to the building is only possible with a code or access chip. The padlock on your individual unit can only be opened with a personalised code. Business customers can also use our goods receiving service. If you need more or less room at short notice, switching boxes to a smaller or larger one is easy and hassle-free.

Come and pay us a visit at our newest facility. Our friendly staff are happy to help.

Secure your moving set (1 moving box Basic & 1 archive box with lid, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.