LAGERBOX takes part in a social project

social project

Starting on October 2021, LAGERBOX will start supporting the Bücher Börse Stuttgart e.V. and thus be contributing to a social project based in Stuttgart.

We are supplying Bücher Börse e.V. with a free-of-charge storage unit of three square metres at our Stuttgart-Feuerbach location (Leobener Strasse 73) for an entire year. The Bücher Börse (which is German for book exchange) can use the unit to store the books that they weren’t able to sell at this year’s event in October.

What does Bücher Börse do and why does LAGERBOX support them? Let us explain

On 9th and 10th October, Bücher Börse e.V. is hosting its very first event in Stuttgart—in Bad Cannstatt, to be exact. The idea is to sell books and records for a good cause. Bücher Börse does not keep the proceeds from the sale but donates them. The proceeds from the event go towards building an educational facility for children abroad. Past events have shown that the concept is well-received. A project in Cologne has been successfully organising them for several years. They have already built 10 schools – an incredible success! Stuttgart is now launching its own project of the same kind with regular events. Bücher Börse is committed to creating equal chances for sustainable access to education in areas with poor education.

What happens after the event? The book exchange now needs a space for storing the books that are in too good condition to be disposed and for offering them at the next event the following year—and to give them a second chance, so to speak.

This is where LAGEBROX comes in. We agreed to pitch in for a good cause and offer one of our storage units to provide the necessary space.
By doing so, we hope to help this social project along and make a contribution to more schools being built.

For more information on the Bücher Börse project in Stuttgart, go to

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