LAGERBOX comes to Braunschweig

LAGERBOX Braunschweig

LAGERBOX is continuing to expand

LAGERBOX keeps building and will now create a new location in another major city in the north. This time, we’re building in Braunschweig, or Brunswick, in the federal state of Lower Saxony.

A completely new building will be built for this purpose. The new property is located directly next to the motorway junction of A2 and A391 on Hansestrasse in the north of Braunschweig.

The total lettable area will be around 5,000 sq metres and will span three stories. How much is that in terms of storage? It means that this facility will be able to offer a good 1,000 storage units across three stories, including the ground level. It will be one of our larger sites, an XXL storage facility. In addition to its size, it will have a drive-in area to keep our customers dry while unloading and to keep distances short. Construction will take about a year.

Sustainability at LAGERBOX

The roof of the building will not stay unused. We will create a green roof and equip it with solar panels. The solar panels will create considerable amounts of energy and thus make a valuable contribution to protecting the climate. This has been our mission at LAGERBOX for a long time, as close followers of our company will know. The plan is to install solar panels on the roofs of most LAGERBOX facilities. The city has already issued the building permit for the new self-storage facility.

About Braunschweig

The independent city of Braunschweig is known for its long history, symbolised by its coats of arms and its equally well-known lion. The Brunswick Palace with its famous quadriga and the statue of Brunonia are witnesses of this long history. In modern times, too, Brunswick is a place with “very good future prospects”, according to the Atlas of the Future.

Dankwarderode Castle on Burgplatz (or Castle Square) shows exhibitions with Medieval art, while the square is famous for the Brunswick Lion statue and the Romanesque Brunswick Cathedral. The Brunswick State Museum boasts many exhibits on local history.

The lion from the city’s coat of arms also decorates the coat of arms of the city’s largest football club. Eintracht Braunschweig is based at Eintracht Stadion and typically plays in the second and third divisions. As the only larger club in the city, the club has many local supporters.

The main rival is the club Hannover 96, which is also from Lower Saxony.

There are not many other cities in Lower Saxony, except for Hanover and Braunschweig, and so the urbanisation trends can be seen very clearly here. Urbani–what? Urbanisation refers to a relatively recent process where increasing numbers of people leave rural areas in favour of large cities because they are usually very concentrated and close to the Zeitgeist.

This is especially true of younger people. It’s understandable since the city boasts many attractions: the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, the Happy Rizzi House, the State Natural History Museum, and the Brunswick Arche Noah Zoo.

However, with more people moving to the city, the housing situation is getting worse. Many people therefore find themselves paying horrendously high rents for relatively small flats, often without the added convenience of a cellar for storage. Many people living in large cities have a lack of space. LAGERBOX and its self-storage concept are here to help.

Finding storage space is one thing, but doesn’t self-storage mean something more? You’re not wrong, but it depends on what you think of when you hear storage space. If you’re thinking of a cellar or garage, we mean something else. And by something else, we mean something better.

Self-storage enables you to put into storage any kind of trade good or merchandise, but also furniture and many other items from your private household. To do so, you book a storage unit in Brunswick, which you can then access whenever you need it, at any time during the day.

If this sounds like something you could put to use, you should consider booking a self-storage unit today. We have continuously developed and enhanced this idea over the years.


As one of the first self-storage companies in Germany, LAGERBOX is a premium self-storage provider that boasts 26 years of experience. Our portfolio consists of 30 self-storage facilities all over the country. Additional locations in Wuppertal, Erfurt and Remscheid are currently under construction. Many more are being planned, including in Essen, Bremen, and Arnsberg.

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