LAGERBOX is cooperating with traxi TRAILER

Cooperating traxi TRAILER

Our Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld facility now has the trailers from “traxi TRAILER” on offer. These trailers are easy to rent for everybody, using an app, and without any annoying paperwork.

Our facilities in Essen and Dortmund Innenstadt Ost will soon also be equipped with trailers from the number one in van hiring. traxi TRAILER is not only Germany’s only fully automatised van hire company but also a good match with LAGERBOX because of its philosophy of sustainability. That is why we want our customers to soon be able to enjoy the benefits of traxi TRAILER.

These benefits include simple, paper-free, and around-the-clock van hiring using an app and sustainable, solar-powered docking stations. Hiring is deposit-free and so no one has to spend cash for no reason. Short-term or even hourly hires are possible. How long you wish to hire the van is completely up to you. This ensures hassle-free transport during which you don’t have to worry about any surcharge for exceeding the rental period. There are many models available at a fair price. Within a certain radius, returning the trailer is flexible and, if there’s any problem, you can always call support. Now for the best part: The company is now giving every customer a whole hour for free for your first trailer that you can simply activate with a code.

Conversely, the integrated GPS sensors and the traxi TRAILER app also show you whether the docking station has a vacancy for returning a trailer.

After downloading the app, you register for free, validate your driver’s license, and choose a payment method. Then choose a model out of all available trailers in the vicinity, which will be reserved for you for 20 minutes. The trailer is unlocked with just one click. You can also activate the radar, which notifies you as soon as a trailer becomes available, for example, at LAGERBOX or any other docking station.

LAGERBOX wishes you a lot of fun hiring


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