Wind and kitesurfing: why you need LAGERBOX

Wind and kitesurfing

It’s very similar to surfing but not exactly the same. One thing, however, applies to all types of surfing: Both sports, which will present to you briefly, require a lot of equipment and enough space to store it in. Since not everybody has the required space and basements are often unsuitable, LAGERBOX is a great way to storesurfingequipment. That way they have a place to stay.

Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, is a type of water sport that lets you ride waves on a board much like surfing. The small but significant difference is the sport kite, which you hold with your hands like a regular kite. The equipment that needs to be stored is large and bulky. The most important piece her is the board. There are many different types, including twintips, mutants, race boards, or foil boards. The flying and control lines are also essential. They connect the control bar with the kite. Here, too, there are many different types, including kites with 2, 4, or 5 lines. As mentioned, the kite itself also has to be stowed away properly. In addition, you need a bunch of small pieces of equipment: a pump, a helmet, body armour, shoes, and sports sunglasses.

In windsurfing, you use a sail to support you instead of a kite. The sail is connected to the board. When you’re storing windsurfing equipment, the most important piece is the surf board, which can be up to 100 cm wide and about 2.5 metres long. Other items include rigs and sails. A rig set comprises a flexible mast and a so-called boom for holding on to. Windsurfing sails can be up to 12.5 square metres in size. All this equipment but especially the sail must be well-looked after. The basement is not ideal because it tends to be damp. The best way here is to rent a storageunit.

Nevermind if you wind or kitesurf: both look very cool and have unique selling points. However, they can be hard to learn. But mastering the skill definitely pays off. There’s not many people who do it well. We don’t want you to be let down by wear and tear due to inappropriate storage during your surfing adventures. Best to store all your sports equipment at LAGERBOX. Not only are they properly stored, but they also benefit from our high security standards, including, for example, video surveillance and personal access codes in all buildings. Moreover, you use our other outstanding services, including handling trucks and a free-of-charge transport van. Good luck and have fun on your next surfing trip!

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