New LAGERBOX location in Erfurt


LAGERBOX is working on building more locations to make sure all of our potential customers have a nearby chance to store their belongings. LAGERBOX will soon be setting up shop in Erfurt, Thuringia’s beautiful capital.

We will open a new storage facility in Erfurt’s westside, close to the Erfurt Weimar airport. It will encompass six stories, including the ground floor, and many storage units for you to store your things. This is a good 5,000 square metres of lettable space. This size should enable anyone to find a unit in the appropriate size.

We offer boxes from one cubic metre to 25 square metres. Our facility has a practical drive-in area that helps you move into your box by enabling you to drive into the building. Even in bad weather, nothing and no one gets wet.

Begin of the construction of the facility is planned for next year, in 2023. The project’s completion is scheduled for the year after that, i.e., 2024.

Our new location, too, will feature our well-known safety standards and state-of-the-art and reliable security technology all around the building that protects your belongings against theft. Additionally, we continually check the dryness of our building to make sure there is no moisture.

In addition to high security, we also offer high flexibility: LAGERBOX is flexible in terms of time and space. We already mentioned the sizes of our boxes. They can be rented starting at one week and can be changed according to your changing or growing needs. Our opening hours are from 6 am until 11 pm make sure you can get to your things, even after you finish work. Use the handy size calculator on the LAGERBOX website to find out how much space you need.

LAGERBOX aims at making life as easy as possible for our customers: In addition to finding out the size you need online, you can also reserve or book storage units. Personal consultations are just as easy. You can call us on the LAGERBOX phone by dialling 0800 222666999.

Our facility in Erfurt will have its own number. We will publish the number as soon as the facility is completed. A visit at one of our locations is always worth your time: Our friendly staff is available and happy to help.

On our premises, you can enjoy additional services, including free-of-charge transport aids and, at some facilities, a moving supplies shop. For our business customers, LAGERBOX also offers a goods receiving service.

About us:This is LAGERBOX

LAGERBOX is a self-storage company with locations across all of Germany’s major cities. Store your belongings in our storage units if you don’t need them at home anymore, you lack space, or your cellar is too damp. LAGERBOX can also come in handy when you’re moving house. Use our boxes to store furniture, files, or all sort of other everyday objects.

LAGERBOX offers maximum security

Every unit has a padlock, our corridors are equipped video surveillance, and an alarm goes off in the event of a burglary. Access to LAGERBOX premises is restricted with a code that only staff and customers have. In addition, LAGERBOX guarantees that our facilities are clean and dry.

LAGERBOX was founded in 1997 by Peter N. Blauw, who is still the owner of the company. Self-storage originally comes from the US, where it is very popular and well-known. The concept had to establish itself in Germany at first.

It took a few years for people to realise the benefits. It was around 2010 when self-storage and, with that, LAGERBOX became more and more established. This enabled LAGERBOX to expand and build new locations. Today, we have storage facilities available all over Germany.

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