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Rent low-cost storage space in Aachen

Are you looking for a quickly available storage space in Aachen? We'll tell you what to look out for when storing your own products: How do you properly store them? What does a perfect warehouse offer and why are rental warehouses used? It is also important to know what you can and can not store in the rental warehouse. We explain what constitutes the concept of self-storage and how we can make it even better with our very service-oriented philosophy.

What is actually self-storage?

What is self-storage

There, we want to get into thematically: self-storage is a real successful concept of storing various objects. You can not store everything in a warehouse of this kind. In a self-storage warehouse, you are not allowed to save anything flammable, personal documents or weapons (read more here). But everything else is in good hands there because corresponding storage spaces are characterized by a high degree of cleanliness, safety, and a perfect storage unit climate. That's exactly how it is with us. However, we define the service even further about these basic advantages of warehousing.

That's how self-storage is at LAGERBOX

Because we offer you more than "just" an empty storage room, we add to the concept of success some great services that make storing, transporting or even moving more comfortable. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. At our locations, we offer free transport aids and many additional services such as mailboxes or our popular shop for moving materials.

You can also rent storage units of various sizes from us, as long as you need them.

Self-storage - many good reasons

Aachen is known for its large student population

Even in your city, such a concept certainly makes sense.

Aachen is known for its cathedral and above all for its renowned university. Because of this, Aachen is also one of the cities with the most significant proportion of students, measured by the number of residents. The Netherlands and Belgium border the town; the border triangle is located directly on the western city limits. Constant movings, transport from A to B and also a lot of commercial moves take place here. These can be some of the reasons why people in Aachen rent storage space.

A rental warehouse provider should always be flexible in meeting the needs of its customers.

Why people rent a storeroom

But the actual location is not the main reason why people use self-storage. There are also numerous motivations that are often merely unpredictable. Others are very well, and here our customers know exactly how long they will be storing. Either way, a self-storage provider should always be flexible enough to meet the needs of its customers, both when it comes to the rental period and the size of the storage unit.

Self-storage while abroad

Self-storage is an excellent solution, especially for longer trips around the world 

Some people, for example, go abroad. If you do not want your household to move with you, you can store your belongings in a self-storage space until you return to the good old Germany. Even if you're going to store an entire household including a kitchen, a good, large storage area is readily available. Self-storage is an excellent solution especially for stays abroad, a semester abroad or even for several months traveling around the world, where a good provider like us naturally also offers long-term discounts.

Storage space for seasonal needs

Another scenario, same solution: If you want to store seasonal demand, this is also a reason for a self-storage warehouse. The premises offer enough space for seasonal items such as garden furniture, tools or sports equipment. You bring the appropriate storage goods to the end of each season to the storeroom, put everything safely and when the season starts again, you get the things exactly in the state in which you have stored them.

You can store the entire household

Store tires

Also, a seasonal need that most drivers know: tires change. Every half year comes a new tire set - before winter, after winter. But where to go with each other set of tires? A professional storage room is ideal for tire storage: dry, protected from direct sunlight and clean. It is how the tires feel most comfortable!

Tip: Store tires lying or hanging? Here's the answer!

Everyday work with a self-storage unit

Store work inventory 

In addition to seasonal needs, you can, of course, store daily necessities in a self-storage unit. So some companies are happy about it if they find in a warehouse additional storage space and storeroom for tools and similar. It is for example very beneficial if your company does not come from Aachen, but does work here. Storing is also good if your work inventory would otherwise be stored on a non-secure construction site. A good rental warehouse is safe and dry, available and accessible almost 24/7.

Storage in the private sector

But it does not always have to be work; many private individuals also use self-storage. So self-storage offers itself as a flexible, simple method very well for those who are spontaneous. You need storage space because you have not found a new apartment yet or because your apartment is not ready yet? Self-storage helps you to survive even short-term period safely. The low-cost storage units are also popular when couples move in together or a family expects a baby. Then it is good if you do not have to dispose of furniture directly for lack of space but can store it in a dry place.

How a good self-storage space should be

Dryness is one of the top storage rules 

Thus, to the attributes, which must have a perfect storeroom. If you store furniture, but also for many other items dryness is considered one of the top storage rules. Moisture is never good when storing, as it can significantly damage many different materials. Mold stains, mold, rust - all this does not exist with an excellent rental warehouse provider. Avoiding moisture has always the highest priority in every storage space.

Reliable, safe storage

On the same level is security. Of course, this must be guaranteed as well as the fact that your stored goods will withstand the storage period without damage. Theft or even damage by unauthorized persons are excluded in a proper storage warehouse. You can always sit back and relax as alarm systems, video surveillance and reliable locks protect your property. That's the way it should be, that's the case with LAGERBOX!

Self-storage in Aachen - meet our local partners

If you, too, are interested in the successful self-storage concept, have something to transport, or are relocating, we are happy to recommend our partners in Aachen and the surrounding area.


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