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Low price storage space for rent in Bonn

Bonn is the former federal capital, a popular student city and home to the well-known German companies Haribo and Telekom. If your company also has its headquarters here and you would like to book additional storage space, there are plenty of opportunities besides, for example, a garage or a container. Real professionals also store professionally - with self-storage! What that is and how you can accommodate your stored goods at short notice, flexible and safely, you will now learn from LAGERBOX.

Self-storage in Bonn, what is that?

Self-storage in Bonn

Self-storage, a term from English, can be translated as storing by yourself or keeping safe. But it's not about keeping yourself safe but taking over storage yourself. You are your own warehouse master and determine what is to be accommodated when and for how long. Of course, there are a few items that you can not store, but overall, you can put a lot in a self-storage unit. From files to bicycles or wine to tents and much more, so to speak, everything is in it self-storage.

How does self-storage work in Bonn?

How does self-storage work in Bonn?

If you want to book such a storage space in Bonn, this is usually quite straightforward. A good provider like us is flexible, lets you move in and out at short notice. For the storage time in between, you then orient yourself entirely to your needs. When you move into your own storeroom, you can store everything in your unit at the self-storage warehouse, lock it up, and then access it daily during opening hours. Maybe you want to add or remove something.

Safety, dryness and cleanliness are top priorities.


That's what we at LAGERBOX do. We are a self-storage company that rents out affordable and flexibly bookable storage in many cities in Germany. In addition to the proven and popular concept of self-storage, we rely on special service for storage and moving as well as great customer proximity for all "LAGERBOXER". In the rental storerooms, we ensure the best storage conditions. Safety, dryness, and cleanliness have the highest priority so that every item comes out of the warehouse as it was stored.

Self-storage for corporations

What is allowed in your rental storeroom?

As with us, some restrictions apply, which may and should not be stored. For example, in Bonn, you will not find a vendor where you may keep explosive or toxic. Even personal documents, hazardous waste, and a few other things - but actually also logically exclude - must not be accommodated in self-storage. Otherwise, in principle, you have a free hand and can store as your own storeroom master stored goods such as books, documents, and files, tools or garden tools, sports equipment and bicycles, clothing, wine or Christmas decorations.

Is self-storage also suitable for tires?

Perhaps you have missed one in the previous list. If you're looking for a way to store your tires, you've also come up with a self-storage. Every year for October and around Easter, most drivers have to change their tires. A set of tires will be put up, and the other will be stowed away in the attic or the garage. But is this also the ideal storage for the tires? Tend to tend not, because such premises can be damp and cold or too hot - not exactly the optimal storage conditions for tires.

How do you store correctly?

Self-storage – storing correctly 

But what are the correct storage conditions? We can tell you that because in our branches prevail exactly these conditions:

  • Dryness - it is obvious, clearly to say, but moisture and wetness are harmful to most of the stored goods. Woods can soften, fabrics can get moldy, or mildew, paper, and cardboard can become wavy and also rotten. You do not have to worry about all this if you store in a professional company for self-storage in Bonn!
  • Cleanliness - And dirt should not be your concern if you turn your stored goods to an established and good self-storage facility. Also with LAGERBOX, we keep it so that new customers get an empty storeroom, whereby empty means of course even free of dirt. It is the only way to prevent consequential damage or unintentional housemates such as vermin.
  • Constant humidity - also in the area of ​​indoor climate falls the level of moisture. Gentle, sustainable storage always operates here at a constant level, because too high or low humidity can also be harmful to some stored goods.
  • Safety - while all these things should be imperative included, two other aspects of storage are of course excluded: theft and damage by third parties. Here, too, you will enjoy some advantages over many a loft or basement, as only you have access to your lockable self-storage unit.
Tip: Even darkness should not be neglected. Especially direct sunlight and the UV rays contained therein can damage many stored goods.

Apartment not ready yet 

Why people use self-storage

Does not sound wrong to you at first? Then read in which situations the flexible self-storage is the ideal solution - maybe you find yourself in there somewhere:

Private reasons for self-storage:

  • When moving in together or at a separation
  • Addition to the family
  • No new apartment found
  • Apartment not ready
  • Store garden tools
  • World Travel
  • Emigrate
  • Basement damp
  • Sub-lease
  • Winter sports equipment
  • Store wine

Commercial reasons for self-storage:

  • Seasonal needs must be stowed
  • Set up tool storage
  • Set up storeroom
  • Keep files and documents
  • Corporate relocation
  • Assembly use in another city
  • Use exhibition storage

Can you get shelves or moving material at self-storage?

shelf installation in storerooms 

No matter why you are looking for self-storage in Bonn, if you also need essential accessories such as moving boxes or packing blankets and upholstery film, this is indeed possible with a well-stocked self-storage company.

Shelving or shelving in warehouses is also a service that is becoming increasingly popular. Talk to local companies for information.

Rent a storage space in Bonn - or also anywhere else?

We're working on self-storage with a number of reputed companies in the area you can contact. Should it ever take you to the neighboring city of Cologne or even to Dusseldorf or Leverkusen, you can also rent storage spaces directly from us.


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