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Selfstorage Bremen: Storage unit rent private & commercial

The northern German Hanseatic city on the Weser is, as well as the large neighboring city of Hamburg, known for its long-standing maritime tradition. This tradition can also be seen in the architecture of Bremen, which presents itself in all its glory especially around the market square. Also, Bremen is, of course, well-known for the town musicians, the Bremer Roland, and the local cathedral. And of course, Bremen is also an excellent location for self-storage. Many of our partner companies are located in the city, and we explain to you here how to use our partner network to organize everything related to transports, relocations and, above all, the topic of storerooms.

Definition: Self-storage - what is that?

Self-storage in Bremen 

Our profession at LAGERBOX is self-storage if you have not come into contact with this term yet, no problem. We explain what self-storage means and how you can use this successful concept for yourself and your purpose. It's about storing a lot of things in rented storage units. Corresponding storage spaces are located in a building created especially for this purpose with high safety standards. In a self-storage facility, customers can deposit at short notice, both as a quick bridging of space problems, but also for a long time, for example, for the duration of a stay abroad.

Rent a storage space in Bremen: find ideal unit size

Storage space in Bremen ideale unit size

Self-storage is therefore very flexible in use and very much geared to the needs of customers. When you book storage space in Bremen, you specify the time frame - more on that later. You can also define the spatial framework as a self-storage customer. Before you move into your storage unit, you determine its size. Of course, you do not want to rent more than you need, but of course, all your belongings should fit into the storeroom.

Virtual unit calculator for the perfect storage space

It is exactly what most self-storage store professional companies offer in practical and simple ways of calculating space (as we do, of course, as you can see here. With a unit calculator, you can find the ideal storage area and size for your storage space. Storage boxes vary in size, and you need an individually designed storage area that matches what you want to keep. You enter in the unit calculator what is to be stored in your storage spaces, and the tool tells you which storage unit size you should use.

What can a storage space cost?

How much does self-storage cost in Bremen? 

It would give you one of the two primary values for costing a storage space. Because if you book storage space in Bremen - but also everywhere else - the price for self-storage depends on the one hand on the size of the storage area and on the other hand on the rental period. As with the storage area, however, you are also very flexible about the length of storage. For most self-storage companies, it's up to you to decide how long you will be able to use them.

How long can you rent the storage space?

So it is as well if you store at LAGERBOX. Starting from a week minimum rental period, you can rent a storage space in our company. Of course, this is especially helpful if you need to bridge short-term and spontaneous space shortage. On the other hand, there are enough people who have a much longer need for additional storage space. Then it is also possible to extend the storage space rental to a much more extended period.

You are entirely free in the timing.

Flexible storage - even over years

tore files or company documents in the long-term  

On request, you can use your storage room in Bremen for months or even years. It is useful, for example, if you want to store things like files or company documents in the long term. Especially with tax documents, there are sometimes 10-year storage obligation and the pile of files is not just getting smaller over the years. If you do not have enough space in the office building for the many folders and files, it is best to book file storage. They are entirely free in their timing and even the 10-year retention periods are possible with most self-storage companies.

Tip: Although we can only speak for ourselves at this point but especially with such long storage times is always an attractive discount possible. Therefore, you should definitely ask your self-storage provider in Bremen for discounts if you are looking for storage space for longer.

Safer, gentler storage space for stored goods

For both long and short storage times, it is essential that your stored goods are stored in ideal storage conditions. During storage, high demands are placed on various aspects, especially within the storage spaces. It is mainly about the fact that the stored items do not take damage during the storage time, which can arise due to incorrect storage. The main aim is to protect the stored goods, namely:

  • Moisture
  • Strong temperatures fluctuations
  • Strong humidity fluctuations
  • Permanent UV radiation
  • Dirt
  • Vermin

Corresponding circumstances in storage spaces can only be achieved by adhering to high safety and hygiene standards. Besides, it is essential to know the most important aspects of the storage of various stored goods and to implement them in a professional warehouse. It is the only way to ensure that you can recover your items as long as they have been stored for as long as you have stored them.

Storeroom in Bremen: Safety first

Safe storage space in Bremen

Of course, the whole thing also has to do indirectly with safety. But besides the integrity of your stored items, it's also about the safety your storage unit can offer you and your stored goods. The space itself is lockable, but a good self-storage building has more to offer in this regard. For example, our locations are alarm-protected, and the corridors inside are monitored by video cameras. So you know that your stored goods and goods are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At least that's how safe it should be:

  • Lockable storage space
  • Alarm in the self-storage building
  • Video surveillance
  • Sufficient lighting for parking spaces
  • Insured storage

What can you deposit?

Of course, that's good for everything you put in your personal storage space. And that can be a lot. In principle, you can store entire households including kitchens, furniture, accessories and decoration, books, clothing or even accessories for water sports, if you want. In the commercial sector, you can also use a storage area for tools or rent it as a trade fair storeroom. Especially for assemblers who are not from the area, the flexible rental storerooms are particularly attractive to accommodate their work equipment.  

Attention: Some things cannot be stored in a professional storage space, such as weapons, drugs or plants. It is best to ask the staff of the company before renting the unit. 

entire house including kitchen can be stored 

How exactly does storage take place?

Whether private or commercial, for all the storage takes place simply and comfortably. Just put the stored goods in a van, drive to the self-storage building nearby, unload everything and bring it to the storage space. Close gate, locked, finished. In this process, be sure to pay attention to any additional services provided by our partners in Bremen. Here could be more comfortable extras offered for you. Some companies in this area, for example, also offer the complete moving service, i.e., filling boxes, transporting and storing them.

Tip: At LAGERBOX, for example, new customers receive a Free Transporter on the moving in day, as well as transport aids and moving materials (705) at all locations.

If you also want to rent storage space in Bremen, you now know what is essential to know. We wish you much success in safe storage!


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