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Rent low price storage space in Duisburg

Duisburg is deeply rooted in the Ruhr area. The city in the west of the "Pott" has always been interwoven with the many neighboring cities, such as Oberhausen, Essen or Dusseldorf, and so it happens again and again that you move from A to B, come to work in Duisburg or has to do at the University Duisburg-Essen as part of a study. Whatever your motivations are, if you need extra space to store and stow in the city, we'll give you some great ideas and advice!

Self-storage in Duisburg - it's that easy

Self-storage in Duisburg

We want to start by recommending to you the possibility of self-storage as a modern and also straightforward way of self-storage. If you are aware that you want to store something, all you have to do is ask three basic self-storage questions:

  1. What and how much of it do I want to store?

Based on this question, you can determine the required storage space that you will book.

  1. How long do I want to store?

The second important variable in self-storage is time. Many already know how long they will store, but it is not a must to know the day of the statement right from the start.

  1. When do you want to order your self-storage space?

More important is the day of the move. It must already be mentioned since the storage space is then reserved for you.

Tip 1: Data is not written in stone with a good provider. Same is with LAGERBOX, that way you can always book additional space and also extend the lease without much difficulty.

How much can self-storage cost?

How much does self-storage cost

When calculating the price, the first two points are essential again because they are crucial for the costs in any self-storage contract. Often, there are many ways to get discounts, especially in the long-term rental are many self-storage providers (as well as we of LAGERBOX) generous. Also watch out for fair deals where there are no hidden costs, such as administration fees or similar.

Tip 2: Other frequently asked questions about self-storage can be found here.

Is self-storage suitable as a furniture storeroom?

Store in the garage 

When you use self-storage in Duisburg, you can usually use your storage space for your furniture as well. What's more, self-storage is even ideally suited for furniture storage, as the ideal conditions for the often fragile and in need of care furniture made of wood, fabrics or leather prevail in professional warehouses. For example, we strongly advise against storing furniture in the damp basement or garage. Without the optimum storage conditions, your furniture can quickly suffer irreparable damage.

Attention: The storage of furniture in garages is strictly a misdemeanor. Moreover, by law, only motor vehicles and things directly related to it may be stored in a garage.

So are the optimal storage conditions in self-storage

To avoid damage - not only with furniture but with all stored goods - we from LAGERBOX and also our partners in the vicinity rely on the perfect storage conditions. These ensure, even with long storage times, that you get your stored goods back in the same way as you stored them on the first day. Dryness is essential to avoid rust, foxing or mold, cleanliness, so that your stored goods remain intact, and also constant humidity and temperatures.

Storing in Duisburg - play it safe

Self-storage is safe 

There is also an essential aspect that is not directly related to the storage space climate inside the self-storage unit, but which is at least as necessary. Safety is the most important thing for many customers, and of course, it should be with a good provider for self-storage. Our locations at LAGERBOX are all completely alarm-protected, have video-controlled aisles and, of course, lockable storage units.

Important: Only you should have access to your storage unit, so it should be fixed in your contract. Other persons may only gain personal access to your storeroom through you.

Self-storage for commercial use

Of course, these are also excellent news for companies who want to rent storage space in Duisburg. Self-storage is suitable for commercial customers on the one hand because their stored goods are safe and secure with us. On the other hand, storage units are not safes but can be entered quite regularly to store or remove items. It is worthwhile, for example, if you do not have enough storage space in Duisburg or if you do not even come from the area. Many companies book a self-storage space, for example for assembly operations in the area or trade fair visits.

Self-storage for commercial use 

Pay attention to additional services

Also, the surrounding of self-storage is important, such as transport aids around the storage on site. It should include practical items such as handcarts, roll trucks and pallet trucks, which will allow you to transport your inventory from the transporter at the storage bay to your warehouse.

As offered by LAGERBOX, it can also be helpful if you have the option of shelving in the warehouses.

Purchase low-cost moving materials

Especially for the ultimate storing of all your objects, moving materials can also be useful. Check if you can buy or borrow moving boxes and even get related items such as moving blankets, packing sheets or adhesive tape.

Do you want not only space but also service and customer proximity for storage? Then take advantage of the offers of our partners for self-storage in Duisburg. Alternatively, we are not far away if you are looking for Lagerhaus] in [Dortmund, Essen or Dusseldorf.


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