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Self-storage in Nuermberg: Low-cost storage space for rent

Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria, directly after the state capital of Munich. The city is best known for its beautiful architecture and famous gingerbread. Besides, there is always a need for storage space. Private individuals and companies that need extra space here in Middle Franconia have good opportunities to meet their needs with self-storage professionally and at short notice. LAGERBOX will now explain to you how this can benefit you as well.

You can rent storage space here in Nuremberg

Self-storage in Nürnberg  

If you are looking for a storage unit in Nuremberg, you have now landed a direct hit! Here you will find the best recommendations for the city if you want to store inexpensive, dry and insured! We can recommend to you some of our partners for storage spaces and also around the move from our portfolio, with whom you can work together wonderfully. Learn here and now why it is an excellent choice to book a storeroom and how many purposes you can use it for.

What is Selfstorage actually?

What is Selfstorage actually

The benefit is a good keyword because you have a lot of it when you choose self-storage. But in what way? What is self-storage? The concept and the idea behind it have been around for quite some time. Meanwhile, the service of self-storage is widespread and successful in many countries of the world. Not only in Nuremberg, but also in many other cities and countries, you can rent cheap storage space. In principle, this can be anyone who is capable of acting. You get an empty, clean storage space, where you can accommodate all sorts of private or business.

How does the storage space rental work?

The whole thing is possible for practically everyone and self-storage is also feasible for everyone. Because it works quite uncomplicated and straightforward:

  • Select appropriate storage space and reserve
  • Sign lease
  • Bring stored goods to the warehouse (some of our partners for storage rooms in Nuremberg also pick up!)
  • Unpack everything lock storage, done!

All your belongings, whether furniture, tools, sportswear and much more, are now completed and monitored around the clock in a professional warehouse. Only you as a renter have access to your self-storage unit.

select appropriate storage space and reserve 

Rent the perfect storage space in Nuremberg  

No need to worry about your stored goods when you book a storage space in Nuremberg. But how big is the perfect storage? Many people like to misjudge themselves if they are to determine the size of the area. But with a good provider (so also with LAGERBOX) you do not need to guess. There, for example, a program will help you to calculate your required storage space with your stored goods. Besides, experienced self-storage staff can help you to determine the optimal storage area.

Rent storage space with insurance

Rent storage space with insurance

Optimal is at a good storage space also that it is insured. Above all, we can speak for ourselves: With us, all-around protection is possible through insurance, which you can take out in addition to your own insurance. Each unit is insured up to a value of 50.000 Euro, but there are also higher, and lower coverage sums possible, which are then accompanied by correspondingly adjusted monthly installments. The deductible per storage unit is 100 Euro. Not insured are things like documents, cash or even flammable materials, which you can not store at LAGERBOX anyway.

Good to know: On the other hand, your storeroom insured with us(706):
  • Explosion
  • Blitzschlag
  • Hagel
  • Leitungswasser
  • Vandalismus
  • Einbruchdiebstahl
Safety is always a top priority for a good warehouse.

Are there any materials for the move available?

Safety is always a top priority for a good warehouse. It of course also applies to dryness and cleanliness and a high degree of comfort and extras. Among other things, this includes moving material for our partners and us. Many people in Nuremberg are looking for a storage space because they need additional storage space around the move. For example, an external warehouse is an option if the new apartment is not ready yet or you have not yet found a new apartment. A self-storage provider can also be a moving helper and provide you with moving boxes, blankets or stretch film.

Also good to know: Moving helpers LAGERBOX - we help with the move!

  • Moving boxes of various designs
  • Pack blankets
  • Stretch and bubble wrap
  • Tape and dispenser
  • Box cutters
  • Reliable brand locks

Storage space according to your requirements

Storage space according to your requirements 

In this way, many of our partners and we in Nuremberg fully meet the taste of the many customers who book storage space for very different reasons. Everyone has different requirements regarding unit size and rental period. But that's what a customer-oriented self-storage facility can do without any problems. Individual self-storage is about your needs. They can be stored at short notice as well as for a long time. For you, a self-storage space is just as interesting if you want to bridge a lack of space as well as if you're going to store for months or even years.

Why people use self-storage

But why would you want that? Doesn't it say what hasn't been needed for at least a year, can be disposed? So it may be with some things, but not all. For example, if you store files or documents, there may be a ten-year retention period here and there! Also, seasonal needs stored longer or your institution, if you go on a world tour or plan another more extended stay abroad.

What can storage space cost in Nuremberg?

What is the cost of a rental warehouse in Nuremberg? 

The time factor is fundamental to the cost of self-storage space. The second factor is the size of the storeroom. Together they make up the price you pay for the rent. With most providers, you pay monthly, and all common payment methods are possible.

Can you rebook storage space?

More, more extended, less or shorter? Most providers will be accommodating and flexible if you want to rebook. So both in the time and the space in the rule conversions in the contract is possible.


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