Frankfurt, 10/24/2019

The 1st place of the 2019/2020 TESTBILD award in the category ‘Storage – Provider’ once again goes to LAGERBOX. In cooperation with Statista, TESTBILD examined 2,700 companies from 200 sectors based on the ratings of over 20,000 customers.

The rating criteria were divided into six dimensions, including availability, customer orientation, communication, professional expertise, service offering, and willingness to recommend.

People will often communicate with a company’s staff only when they wish to return goods or to raise a complaint when something went wrong. Similarly, the advantages of good service usually only become apparent when customers have a need, a question, or require orientation with a novel product or service. At this juncture, they require friendly and accommodating staff, especially in terms of competence and communication. A key feature of good service is going the extra mile in support, for example, by giving helpful tips or by offering useful support.

Naturally, swift and pleasant communication go down well with customers. Flexible handling of suggestions and problems are also a key factor for success.

LAGERBOX has once again proven how much our company values great customer care. This continues to be essential even in today’s era of digital transformation. Seeing our efforts bearing fruit makes us even more proud of our accomplishments. It goes without saying that we will not rest on our laurels but continue to tweak the quality of our communication and service strategy.

It is very important for a company to stay up-to-date and in close contact to its customers. In many cases, criticism or customer surveys are the only way for us to learn more about what our customers want and what their product and service needs are. Maintaining a good reputation is often a reliable indicator for high customer satisfaction.

LAGERBOX currently has 22 locations in 15 cities and is already planning, or constructing, six additional self-storage facilities, including in Berlin (2x), Dortmund, Cologne, Bielefeld, and Pforzheim.

For more information on the study, please click here! (https://www.testbild.de/besterservice/)!

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