LAGERBOX scores great results in self-storage study

Selfstorage study 2020

Frankfurt, 17 March 2020

Like every year, the Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität, a German market research institute, put out its feelers in 2020 and tested the services and general conditions of a range of self-storage providers that are active on the German market.

In the service segment, the study looked at on-site support, telephone service, email service, and websites. The condition analysis was divided into categories, including prices, service range, and terms of contract. LAGERBOX performed excellently and barely missed the top spot. The study aims at highlighting good conditions as well as the range of services of different providers.

Service analysis self-storage

The testing for on-site support took place between 4 November and 18 December 2019 in 35 different German cities. Ten branches were tested for every self-storage provider. Testing focused on the following features: location quality, support skills, communication quality, waiting periods, availability, and customer support experience. In addition to on-site testing, the study conducted mystery shopping exercises via phone and email, focusing on support skills, solution quality, communication quality, waiting periods, availability, and the customer support experience.

Finally, testing also included scrutinising the websites of self-storage providers. Their content was analysed regarding attributes such as specific information and functions, general information, contact information, user-friendliness, and content. LAGERBOX was named best self-storage company in the service analysis subcategory. Our website was particularly highlighted and praised.

Condition analysis self-storage

The study also analysed prices, service range, and terms of contract. The focus was on three prices for three storage unit sizes for every company. Pricing was essential for the results of the condition analysis. The range of services included features like on-site transport aids, free-of-charge transport vans and trailers, access control and video surveillance, provision of packing supplies, diversity of storage unit sizes, and current offers.

LAGERBOX provides its customers with a very broad range of services. In addition to the subsegments outlined above, we add receiving goods for our customers and drive-in areas to the list.

With currently 23 facilities, LAGERBOX is one of the largest self-storage companies on the German market. We are already in the process of planning, or building, additional branches in Berlin, Cologne, Bielefeld, Dortmund, and Pforzheim.

Germany’s market for self-storage is not yet as mature as in the neighbouring countries. It is expected that the industry will continue its expansion course.

Source: DISQ

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