We have made many changes at Alte Mälzerei

Alte Mälzerei

14 May 2020 – Dresden Pieschen

In addition to the many well-running shops, our storage concept is also being warmly received, prompting us to work on our storage units and to set up 290 additional boxes in a very short amount of time. To date, the storage units at this site were limited to the first floor. Now our customers can rent storage space on the ground floor as well as the second and third floor. Naturally, for us, convenience is key. Our customers are not expected to haul their goods up the stairs but can make use of our spacious cargo lifts as usual.

LAGERBOX in Dresden Pieschen – Alte Mälzerei

For a long time, Alte Mälzerei was viewed as the dead duck among Dresden’s shopping centres. It changed owners as often as some people change their socks. However, much has changed in the years since we took over. We moved existing retail businesses to more attractive locations within the Mälzerei, gained new tenants, and made some structural and architectural changes in accordance with the building’s listed status and the authorities, which secured the Mälzerei’s survival.

We realised our self-storage concept in those parts of the building that were previously either hard to use or hard to access, making sure that the Mälzerei is now being efficiently and economically used on all levels. We are now planning to optimise and expand it even more, not only to further secure the Mälzerei’s future, but also to tailor it even more to our customers’ demands.

The self-storage concept

While still largely unknown on the German market, the concept of self-storage has been completely integrated into the culture of our neighbouring countries. A look at the current figures confirms that self-storage will gain more and more popularity here, too. LAGERBOX currently has 23 storage facilities in Germany, including two self-storage centres in Dresden. Other facilities in Berlin, Cologne, Bielefeld, Dortmund, and Pforzheim are being planned or are already under construction.

Good reasons for choosing self-storage

There is a multitude of reasons why people are letting self-storage into their lives. First, we distinguish between private households and business storage. Reasons to outsource storage for private households include not having found a new flat or not having a cellar, too little space, but also studying abroad or temporarily leaving the country for career reasons.

Business owners can use our self-storage centres to store their files or rent a storage box to deposit their products and goods, company equipment, tools, or seasonal items, which would otherwise take up too much space at the office.

The use of self-storage provides business with many advantages. All our storage units can be fully tailored to fit a company’s needs, in terms of size as well as time. A key factor for companies who choose self-storage is that we take care of receiving goods. For this service, there is no need for our customers to be on-site. Instead, they can take of their core business and leave everything else to us. Of course, at LAGERBOX, we send out a notification whenever we receive something on your behalf.


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