LAGERBOX Dresden Friedrichstadt is expanding

Dresden Friedrichstadt

The massive new building on Hamburger Str. 40 has long been in the limelight, attracting attention from the press as well as the passing traffic. Now that the work on its next phase of expansion has begun, the ‘Colossus of Dresden’ is making the headlines once again. In total, we filled up three stories with storage units, accommodating the rising demand for external storage space.

By adding 630 new LAGERBOX units, the total number of available boxes has risen to 1,300. During the last weeks before the expansion, the number of vacant boxes was getting smaller and smaller due to the increase in demand for external storage space.

Dresden’s population has been continually growing for the past few years and many more people are looking for a place to live. Despite many new construction projects for residential housing, the ratio of new residents to new housing has been tilting towards the former. The result has been that the letting out of storage units has experienced continuous growth in Dresden.

And so, it was for good reason that we expanded our sites in Friedrichstadt and Pieschen. The storage capacity at the Friedrichstadt facility has now reached its peak, while our site in Pieschen still has some room for expansion here and there. Rostock will open in 2022 and we have already put our feelers out in Erfurt and in Magdeburg. Our company is currently operating 23 self-storage facilities all over Germany. Additional sites in Berlin, Dortmund, Bielefeld and in Pforzheim are already under construction and due to open this year.

Our facility in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn was the first to open this year, boasting 1000 storage units across 6 stories. It includes a drive-in area for maximum convenience. Our fourth facility in Berlin is located directly on Bundesstrasse B1, a federal highway that leads straight to Alexanderplatz and is one of Berlin’s busiest streets.

In addition to private households, our mission of providing external storage space is increasingly targeted at commercial businesses, who use it as warehouses for goods, archives for files, or as depots for tools and equipment. Using self-storage can create added value for companies with a single headquarters that nevertheless send salespeople all over the country. As a special extra to business customers, we offer a goods receiving service that does not require anyone from the business to be on-site. This saves businesses time and money.

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