We won the FOCUS Money – Highest Competence award


Who has what to offer? Customer support, services, and products – FOCUS money selected the most competent companies in 51 sectors based on more than 210,000 customer reviews.
Value for money, competence and quality were the yardsticks for being included in the study. More often than not, people don’t get what they signed up for. Bad customer support, misleading advertising, and incompetent service. For this reason, Focus Money took the lead and commissioned ServiceValue, a consulting and analysis institute, to survey a large number of customers on the subject.

Specifically, the survey experts asked consumers about which company they view as highly competent. They not only assessed a company’s products and services but called upon customers to rate its staff’s level of knowledge and skill. This year’s study drew in many more opinions compared to the previous round.

In total, 51 companies received the ‘Highest Competence’ rating in their respective sectors. The ranking highlights those companies that were able to hold their ground in direct competition in the past. A total of 1,054 companies were surveyed.

In the self-storage category, three companies were tested based on a representative online panel. LAGERBOX held its ground against its competitors Shurgard and MyPlace, scoring 1st place.

LAGERBOX is Germany’s first self-storage provider and currently operating 23 storage facilities. Soon we will open additional sites in Dortmund, Berlin, Pforzheim, and Bielefeld, raising the overall number of sites in the LAGERBOX portfolio to 27 by the end of the year. Additional projects in Cologne, Wuppertal, and in Rostock have already entered the planning phase and are expected to break first ground early next year.

In addition to building new sites, the optimisation and expansion of our existing facilities is continuously on our agenda. The demand for external storage space is growing and we aim to meet this demand by expanding. Naturally, large cities are always a good location for new sites. However, facilities in the surrounding areas of cities and larger mid-sized cities are also increasingly interesting to us.

Do you have land or an existing building in an attractive location for sale? Please send us an email to expansion@lagerbox.com

Source: Focus Money 22/2020

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