LAGERBOX engages in civic participation

LAGERBOX engages

LAGERBOX is expanding its civic involvement by making a free-of-charge storage unit available to the German Caritas Association. The welfare institution can use a one of our units at our Pforzheim-based facility on Eutinger Strasse 150 for one year at no charge. Of course, this is for a good cause. The box is used to collect donations for supporting people in need.

Caritas is the welfare organisation of the Catholic Church and one of Germany’s six largest welfare associations. Caritas is much more than a registered association: It stands for helping people that need support. Caritas is Latin for charitableness. With over 25,000 facilities, including one in Pforzheim, they provide services like daycare centres, nurseries, support services, care homes, social housing, including for people with disabilities, self-help groups, and hospitals.

Other services include children’s homes and juvenile shelters, homeless shelters, after-school centres, women’s shelters, vocational schools for social care workers, family centres, hospices and many more. Needless to say, there are many good reasons to support Caritas.In addition to its 700,000 employees, it also uses several hundred-thousand volunteers every year. Everyone can help by donating on the Caritas website.

By providing them with a free-of-charge box, LAGERBOX is helping to keep all the physical donations clean and dry.

If you need some additional storage space: In Pforzheim, LAGERBOX offers about 850 storage units across 4,100 square metres. Additionally, our facilities have many advantages helping you with self-storage, including a free transport van for moving in, free transport aids while on location, and a goods receiving service for our business customers.

You have access to your belongings on every day of the year between 6am and 11pm.

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