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LAGERBOX in Dresden


LAGERBOX has two branches in Dresden, Saxony’s state capital and one of the East’s major cities. Our LAGERBOX site in Pieschen is located at Alte Mälzerei, a shopping mall with a cult-like status.

A LAGERBOX storage unit is useful, for example, when you’re moving house and need to store things you don’t have enough room for at home. If you need more or less room at short notice, switching boxes is easy and hassle-free.

But what are the reasons to move to the city on the Elbe?

Let LAGERBOX explain.

  • Dresden is an important location for many different industries, including electronics, machine engineering, but also the pharmaceutical industry. It also offers many service job opportunities. This makes finding a new job easy. A large city like Dresden also offers many opportunities for students, career-wise and otherwise.
  • Dresden’s historic old town is a very special place and is a magnet for many tourists. In a world of digitisation and new buildings, Dresden’s city centre will transport you to a different time. The person responsible for building it was Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, known as “Augustus the Strong”. In the early 18th century, the Elector transformed Dresden into a baroque city that was soon known as “The Florence of the Elbe”. The best-known sites include the Royal Palace Dresden, the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Moritzburg Castle, and the Dresdener Zwinger. Tellingly, this is just a small selection of the city’s many beautiful buildings. With the Elbe River running right through the middle of the city, there are many places to have dinner with a great view and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere. The city also offers several sporting highlights. A visit to Rudolf Harbig Stadion, home turf of the long-standing football club Dynamo Dresden, is certainly worth while.
  • Culture: Dresden is growing. Compared to the recent past, the range of clubs, restaurants (with typical regional cuisine, too), and bars, is growing too. The local culture, however, is unmistakeable, which is not least due to the Saxon dialect that is common especially among older people.
  • The surroundings: A must-see is definitely what they call the Saxon Switzerland. Close to the city, the huge rock faces and breathtaking heights will amaze every visitor. Some areas feel almost like the Grand Canyon.

    In short: Come and visit us at one our facilities. Our friendly staff will tend to your every need.