LAGERBOX participates in help for storm victims

LAGERBOX participates in help

While many are still trying to cope with the financial losses brought about by the coronavirus crises, the next catastrophe is already underway and threatening the livelihoods of many people in Germany. It came out of nowhere and devastated entire cities: the storms of the past few days. The incredible amounts of rain were particularly devastating, flooding many basements. To some, it meant the end of their lives as they knew it. Not to mention the psychological effects of such extreme weather events, which have also caused some families to lose their loved ones. In North Rhine-Westphalia, it was the cities Erftstadt and Ahrweiler that were hit particularly hard. The images of the landslides were all over the media.

In addition to many others, LAGERBOX wants to offer to help in an emergency situation like this and put its social responsibility as a larger company into action: In Münster and Leverkusen, we are making available storage space for every organisation that is helping to cope with the flood disaster. These storage units can be used to store goods like clothing, furniture, or other household items, which were either donated or bought using cash donations. By doing so, we hope to be able to help in the best-possible way here in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The fact that this offering has been taken up very quickly and without paperwork in Münster shows that every helping hand is welcome in this current situation. LAGERBOX made the storage unit available free-of-charge to the organisation “Charitypool Münster”, which uses it to temporarily store donations in Münster before handing them over to people in the disaster zone. Our employees were also providing hands-on relief in Münster, including with a LAGERBOX transport van, which all our customers can use free-of-charge when moving into our storage facilities.

Many organisations have been set up, even as far as Berlin, extending the support system way beyond North Rhine-Westphalia. At our location in Berlin Hohenschönhausen, LAGERBOX is also making free-of-charge storage space available for collecting a range of different items, which are then shipped to the affected areas.

LAGERBOX wishes all the best to the victims of this disaster in coping with the current situation.

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