Solar roof in Cologne Ossendorf

Solar roof

Today’s advances in technology make many things possible. We now have rechargeable electric cars, super smart computers and other smart devices. Take TVs, for example, which can do so much more now than providing us with programmes to watch. There is another future challenge that today’s technology affect in a large way: climate change. Through sustainable activities and devices, everybody can contribute to prevent it from going any further. This includes companies.

At LAGERBOX, too, we are ready to tackle this issue and have now found a climate-friendly solution to supply our Cologne Ossendorf location, which is also home to our holding company and the office of many of our employees, with electricity: a solar roof.

Per hour of sunshine, the solar roof in Cologne Ossendorf is capable of producing approximately 240 Kilowatt peak (kWP). If you’re not sure what that mean, we’ll tell you. One kWP roughly equals 1000 Kilowatts per hour of solar electricity. After an additional upgrade, this number is even higher compared to eleven years ago. It now corresponds to about 60 households with a consumption of about 4000 kW per year. The 6000-square-metre roof is utilised to the max, which has the very positive effect of making the site completely self-sufficient – a huge contribution to sustainability.

Of course, the solar roof in Ossendorf is not our only one: The nearby facility in Cologne Poll has a solar roof that produces around 120 kWp per hour of sun. The solar roofs at our locations in Stuttgart and Berlin-Hohenschönhausen produce 40 and 60 kWp, respectively. Generally speaking, this means that, through the four solar roofs all over Germany, LAGERBOX is producing 25% of the electricity it consumes.

The federal government is also realising how important solar roofs are and is now thinking about making them mandatory for all new buildings and larger roofing repairs as of 2023. There are currently more than 1.7 million photovoltaics systems, which is the technical term for the large roof panels, in operation all over Germany. This account for about 7.5 percent of all electricity produced in Germany. Most solar power systems are in the south: The German state of Bavaria is in first place with approximately 551,000 solar power systems, followed by Baden-Württemberg in second place with approximately 328,000. North Rhine-Westfalia comes in third. Of course,

LAGERBOX is contributing to these numbers with its locations in Cologne and Stuttgart. We recommend to all private households to install a solar power system in your home. By doing so, you create enough electricity for your private consumption and contribute to making our world a little bit more sustainable.

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