LAGERBOX sponsors the SG Unterrath in Düsseldorf


Anyone who has kept a keen eye on the LAGERBOX social media channels in recent weeks will have seen our logo on the shirts of young Cologne-based football teams. What you saw was LAGERBOX’s first jersey sponsorship ever. These jersey sponsorships work differently than the ones in the Bundesliga.

LAGERBOX doesn’t pay for advertising space on the jersey. LAGERBOX buys the jerseys and makes them available to the youth teams. This is done to help smaller amateur clubs so they don’t have to bear the costs for an entire set of football gear. During the jersey presentation, we also announced additional jersey sponsorships.

Now, it’s time. For our next sponsorship, LAGERBOX is leaving the confines of our native Cologne and hopping over to Düsseldorf, home to another LAGERBOX storage facility. Our second sponsorship goes to the C juniors of SG Unterrath, the under 15s, who will be equipped with an entire set of new training jackets. This time, we aren’t giving out jerseys, but football training jackets.

SG Unterrath is a partner club of 1. FC Köln aka FC Cologne. One of the current Bundesliga debutants for the FC is Max Finkgräfe, who came out of the SG Unterrath youth team. If the players keep their nose to the grindstone, it is more than likely that talent from the Unterrath under 15s will take the next step. Another reason why LAGERBOX is very proud to sponsor this club.

SG Unterrath has three teams in the under 15 segment. The first plays in the Lower Rhine league with football greats such as Wuppertaler SV. The team presents itself very well there and is third behind the aforementioned Wuppertal team and 1. FC Mönchengladbach. They have already collected 29 points and are therefore on the heels of the second and first of the table with just one point.

However, the leader from Wuppertal has played one less game. The team is scoring high in a high-scoring league and so there is a clear path to the top for the club’s talent. The second under 15s team also plays in an advanced league. They don’t call it the high-performance league for nothing. There, the team is in tenth place with nine points, ranking in the lower midfield.

The third under 15s team is in the 5th group of the district league, where it ranks in first place with 24 points. It has won every match of the season so far.
The men’s team of SG Unterrath plays in the state-level Landesliga, Germany’s sixth league.

So, there you go. You learnt quite a bit about SG Unterrath, the team we are now sponsoring. But what about LAGERBOX? In addition to our social projects and jersey sponsorships, LAGERBOX is passionate about other projects that we hope will have a positive impact on society.

A very important topic here is sustainability, which we have been pursuing for many years now. Almost all of our LAGERBOX storage facilities are built in the highly energy-efficient passive house design.

We have had many active projects at LAGERBOX facilities in recent years: We have turned roofs into green areas, making our sustainability efforts very visible. Entire facilities are now powering themselves with solar panels on their roofs. One of them is the LAGERBOX locations in Cologne Ossendorf.

The building there is home to a storage facility, the headquarters of our holding company, and our customer support centre. Three birds with one stone and they’re all energy self-sufficient.

Naturally, we at LAGERBOX are not stopping there but are continuing to evolve. We are continuing to expand, too. Several new facilities will be opened this year. They include locations in Remscheid, Arnsberg, and Wuppertal.

Planning is well underway for new locations in Erfurt, Essen, and Bremen. We are working hard on these expansion plans because we want people everywhere in Germany to have the opportunity to use our LAGERBOX products and create more space for themselves.

LAGEBROX is all about giving your things a new home. We offer full flexibility when it comes to storage unit sizes as well as storage duration. To find out how much space you need, use our online size estimator and see all the other handy information here on the LAGERBOX website. Or come by and check out our unique offerings at one of our facilities.

LAGERBOX sponsors the SG Unterrath in Düsseldorf

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