LAGERBOX receives award for best employer in 2024

Best employer in 2024

Anyone who has had a taste of our company culture will have noticed one thing: It tastes pretty good. Especially during the Christmas season, when it gets rather cold and unpleasant outside, we like to accompany this taste with notes of cinnamon, apple and mulled wine.

In this season, we don’t need more stress or unpleasant bosses, who muck up your visit to the Christmas market by having you work unpaid overtime. Unfortunately, this is still far too common. These are anything but fair working conditions.

Whether you go for performance culture or not, we believe that a healthy work climate is not optional. When the focus of a work culture is on well-being, employees will naturally gravitate towards maximum performance and go the extra mile for their companies. This has been a key value at LAGERBOX for years and has now resulted in an award.

Before we talk a bit more about the award itself, we want to take a deep dive into the world of LAGERBOX. We at LAGERBOX treat employee satisfaction the same way we treat the satisfaction of our customers.

Naturally, we expect one or two things from our staff: diligence, discipline, initiative, commitment to the company’s mission, and friendliness towards customers and colleagues. However, LAGERBOX also gives a thing or two back. Fair working conditions, amazing colleagues, fair treatment, and a friendly environment, where everyone is treated with equal respect.

We also offer special treats like Christmas parties and an annual company holiday – like the one to Prague or Mallorca in recent years – as well as team events that help to get to know and strengthen each other. One of our core values is to show our employees how much we appreciate them.

The job duties at LAGERBOX are diverse. There’s something for everyone. The best thing is that since LAGERBOX is available in many cities and continuously expanding, new jobs are offered constantly at various locations throughout the country.

Employees who have been with LAGERBOX for longer seem to enjoy being with us. And so we are very glad about the award. LAGERBOX was voted best employer at medium-sized companies in 2024. The award is given out by the renowned Focus magazine and their business off-shoot FOCUS BUSINESS.

The complex survey process to find the best employers among medium-sized companies was begun on 09.03.2023 and lasted until 15.05.2023. The results were published on 24.11.2023. The career and business portal FOCUS BUSINESS was supported by FactField, a Burda Media company.

Why identify and give awards to top-level employers? The reason is simply to help people find an attractive company to work with. To this end, the project identified employers who are particularly high rated. For the first time this year, companies with a particularly diverse company culture were highlighted.

This year, 36,000 companies were analysed, based on 650,000 ratings from employees. The study aimed to survey all companies in Germany with at least 11 employees. The results are now in. Of the 36,000 companies, 4,500 companies were medium-sized companies that qualified.

About 4,000 companies of these were given an award and, with that, a recommendation. LAGERBOX is among those companies that were recommended.

This is how it was done. To identify all companies, they were all sent an announcement first. Over 210,000 companies were asked to forward the email link to their employees for them to submit a rating. The employees were able to rate their employers on topics like working conditions, development opportunities, appreciation, and company culture. In an additional, optional section, diversity issues could be rated.

Many LAGERBOX employees were among those who left a rating and so we were included in the pool. And look where we are now!

Source: Focus Business

LAGERBOX receives award for best employer in 2024

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