LAGERBOX sponsors football team from Cologne Nippes


We have great news at LAGERBOX

For the first time in the history of the company, LAGERBOX has agreed to sponsor the kit for a sports team. What does that mean? First of all, the LAGERBOX logo and our company motto will be on the shirts of the athletes of a local football team.

Secondly, to see how sponsorships normally work, let’s take the Bundesliga as an example. There, companies pay a certain amount of money to be featured on the shirts. Since football games are shown on TV and the club’s merchandise is bought by fans, this is quite simply paid advertising. LAGERBOX does things slightly differently.

We are not the sponsor of yet another men’s team but opted for a youth team instead. More specifically, under 9s. Since the LAGERBOX headquarters is based in Cologne, we chose a team from our hometown. The club is TFG Nippes 78. Nippes is a well-known district of Cologne with a long-standing local sports and football club.

What are the differences in sponsoring a professional team? LAGERBOX not only puts its logo on the shirts, but we sponsor the entire shirt. The young team then has a professional-looking shirt when playing against other teams. Of course, the LAGERBOX logo is on those shirts.

Still, we see it more as a social project than classic advertising.

LAGERBOX has been involved with social projects in the past and it is important for our culture. We are particularly committed to sustainability and climate protection by creating green spaces on roofs and energy self-sufficient facilities, which use solar energy to create electricity that powers our products and services. Moreover, LAGERBOX continually makes free boxes available to charitable projects.

One of them sells books and donates the proceeds to the poor, for example. Another collects relief supplies for the people in Ukraine.

By the way: This will not be the last sponsorship we will take over. Planning for additional sponsoring is already underway. When it's time, we will announce the teams we are sponsoring soon via the LAGERBOX media channels.

We at LAGERBOX are convinced that sports play a decisive role in the development of young people. We are therefore very excited about being able to support these up-and-coming football stars and look forward to seeing how the under 9s season goes. The boys will be wearing red shirts.

By the way, the current under 9s were born in 2015 and are already taking part in the new match schedule of DFB, the German Football Association.

This means that there is no fixed season schedule; tournaments are organised every week. Match times are announced by trainer Daniele De Liquori as they come in.

TFG Nippes 78 stands for Turn- und Fechtgemeinde 1878 Köln-Nippes e.V. – Turn und Fecht roughly translates to association for gymnastics and fencing. Football was added later.

TFG has been around for so long that it can be rightly called a truly historic sports club. With over 140 years of club history and 1,300 members, TFG is one of the largest and oldest clubs in Veedel. Veedel is the Colognian (Kölsch) word for that part of Cologne. In addition to sports activities in various departments, TFG provides a service to a thriving community.

The club’s activities are built on many people from the area doing volunteer work, which is an important element of what football does to serve local communities. In addition to gymnastics and fencing (Turnen und Fechten), the people in Nippes like to say TFG stands for team spirit, fairness, and growth. That’s how highly they think of it.

The seven departments offered by the club include fencing, track and field, football (men’s down to children), table tennis, trampolining, gymnastics, and volleyball. You won’t believe it but even Quidditch is practised at TFG.

LAGERBOX is looking forward to an exciting new season and wishes the under 9s from Nippes lots of successful matches.

LAGERBOX Sponsoring TFG Nippes 78

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