LAGERBOX completes solar roof in Pforzheim

Solar roof Pforzheim

For several years now, LAGERBOX has been faced with the important and challenging task of improving sustainability.

Despite the many pitfalls of such challenging projects, LAGERBOX has been committed to working as hard as possible to implement them. Much has been achieved in recent years.

Our Cologne Ossendorf location, for example, where the LAGERBOX holding company also has its headquarters, is now completely self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption. What does that mean? We have put enough solar panels on the roof of the building to make the location completely self-sufficient.

And it manages this despite the additional energy required by the company headquarters in the same building.

Since the project in Cologne was such a big success, LAGERBOX decided to implement the same energy-saving measures in other locations a while ago already. This is another important step towards helping the environment, which, needless to say, is under a lot of pressure.

Our first solar roof is now complete and will be put into operation very soon. Once it’s done, the entire energy of our Pforzheim location will come from its own roof.

Here are the details: A large number of solar panels were installed on the roof, 684 to be exact. The roof is 38.17 metres by 53.70 metres in size. The facility will produce 300 kilowatt-peak, i.e., 300,000 kilowatt-hours per year. A storage facility consumes an average of 50,000 kilowatt-hours.

This means that our location in Pforzheim produces enough energy to power six similar facilities. If you break that down to average households consuming around 3,000 kilowatt-hours per year, the facility could produce all the energy for 100 households. This showcases our sincere determination to combat climate change and enhance sustainability.

Of course, we’re not stopping here. In 2024, we will continue equipping our facilities with solar, starting with our locations in Berlin Spandau, Berlin Lichtenberg, Marzahn, Berlin Schöneweide, Köpenick, Dresden Friedrichstadt, Chemnitz, and Leipzig.

There, LAGERBOX is currently working on fine-tuning the amount of solar panels we can put on the roofs. We want to achieve the maximum energy that is possible using solar modules.

Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality for all our facilities.

The focus of our project extends beyond renewable energies to ensuring our supply chains are aligned. We are developing various concepts to, on the one hand, promote waste reduction and, on the other hand, focus on the consistent use of reusable materials together with our colleagues as part of internal training.

Moreover, by pushing digitalisation and therefore precise measurement of emissions throughout, we can quickly identify weak points and effectively reduce or even eliminate them.


We are currently operating 30 self-storage facilities all over Germany. At these facilities, private households and business customers can put almost any item into storage. The reasons for using self-storage are as diverse as the requirements of our customers.

In addition to the facilities we are already operating, two more self-storage locations in Wuppertal and Remscheid are currently under construction. More facilities, including Erfurt, Arnsberg, Bremen and Essen, are in their final planning phase with the responsible authorities.

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