LAGERBOX easy in Offenbach expands

LAGERBOX easy expands

LAGERBOX easy is upgrading

We are adding more units.

LAGERBOX easy is a relatively new project here at LAGEBROX. But demand is high and so we are already expanding an existing LAGERBOX easy facility.

We had an empty story at our facility in Offenbach (Odenwaldring 10), which we are now developing. A total of 170 storage units will be created for our customers covering an area of 800 square metres. To date, the Offenbach storage facility did not have smaller size units of 2 square metres or less.

This is going to change with this upgrade, which will create capacities for smaller storage space needs. Like all our expansion projects, this upgrade won’t take very long. Construction is starting in December and will be completed soon. We are currently planning to make the new boxes available to you in January 2024.

What is LAGERBOX easy and how does Self-Storage work?

Now that we’ve got you updated on current news, we should also talk more generally about LAGERBOX easy and the idea behind Self-Storage.

LAGERBOX easy is a LAGERBOX subsidiary and one version of what we call self-storage. One might say, LAGERBOX easy is Self-storage in its purest form. Read on to find out why and also why we call it ‘easy’.

Self-Storage means storage done largely by yourself. The underlying principle is quickly explained: You rent a storage unit and put your belongings into storage with us. These are things you don’t need on a daily basis or that take up too much space in your home. Business customers our LAGERBOX easy units too, for example, for storing goods before delivering them to their customers.

Self-Storage is also popular with people moving house. If your new flat or house is larger or smaller than your old one, you might have to put some things somewhere for the time being. If you have a larger flat, you might want to keep it decluttered, or you might have too many things for your smaller place.

If that is the case, you can put your old furniture into storage. The worst idea is to throw your old things away. Most of them can either be reused or sold. This is an important aspect of our work at LAGERBOX easy. Putting things into storage improves sustainability. If you store things for later use instead of throwing them away, you are saving resources and protecting the climate.

Whether you are using Self-Storage because your cellar is damp, going abroad, or moving house, LAGERBOX easy makes sure you do so hassle-free. We have boxes in all shapes and sizes and soon under 2 square metres, too. You can change the storage unit size any time you need to.

Now we’ve brought you up to speed about LAGERBOX easy. LAGERBOX easy is self-storage in its purest form. Unlike the traditional LAGERBOX, there is no staff at LAGERBOX easy facilities. You book your storage unit online and move in on your own terms. That’s why we call it LAGERBOX easy.

This doesn’t mean you’re missing out on key security features: Access is coded, the building is secured with alarms and video surveillance, and your storage goods are insured. Additionally, every storage unit has a padlock with a personalised code.

General access to our facility in Offenbach Lauterborn is possible between 6am and 11pm.
Bookings are made online on our website or by telephone.

Facts and figures for LAGERBOX easy

To date, we have exactly one LAGERBOX easy storage facility. This will change in the near future with additional self-storage facilities in Bremen and Arnsberg. Several more locations are in the pipeline and we will tell you about them as soon as they’re official.

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