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LAGERBOX is expanding in Pforzheim

Expanding Pforzheim

LAGERBOX is now expanding its Pforzheim-based location on Eutinger Strasse 150. Here, too, we want to create additional space for new customers and to make sure they have many different storage unit sizes to choose from. The expansion will begin soon and is scheduled to be completed by mid or late November. Overall, we are creating 321 additional storage units either for new customers or for existing customers who want to move from a smaller box into a larger box.

We decided on the expansion because our Pforzheim-based facility is very popular. We think it is so for the following reasons: Access to this LAGERBOX facility is convenient from all directions. Our self-storage building is located directly next to the waterworks in a mixed residential and commercial area. Getting there by lorry or transport van is hassle-free. By the way: We provide you with a free-of-charge* transport van for moving in. Once you’ve settled in, we also offer a range of free transport aids to move your stuff.

You can store with us starting at one week and a minimum of one cubic metre. All this in a high-security environment. Access to our facilities is coded, they have alarm systems and video surveillance, and all the individual boxes are secured with padlocks. Your stored goods are, of course, insured. Business customers can also use our goods receiving service.

The facility we are talking about is located in Pforzheim in Baden-Württemberg on the northern side of the Black Forest, which has 126,016 inhabitants. The towns Kraichgau and Stromberg are close-by. Pforzheim became famous as a city for gold and as the German centre for the jewellery, clock and watch industry.


What is it that LAGERBOX does in Pforzheim? We at LAGERBOX let out storage units in various sizes to private and business customers, who use them to store their goods. This is handy whenever you don’t know what to with your stuff, for example, when moving house. Self-storage offers a big advantage compared to storing goods in your cellar: They are stored in a secure, clean, and, above all, dry environment. You need to access your things at short notice? No problem thanks to our long opening hours. The storage facility is open all year and every day between 6am and 11pm.

We currently have 27 storage facilities all over Germany. We are always on the look-out for new properties or existing real estate to grow. We are soon opening additional locations in Cologne and Wuppertal.

We are one of the market leaders in the self-storage sector in Germany. As the country’s first self-storage company, we are committed to offering a high-quality service and to improving sustainability.