Reasons for moving to Dusseldorf

Reasons moving Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is not only North Rhine-Westphalia’s state capital but also home to two LAGERBOX storage facilities. One of them opened in 1997 in the Heerdt district, our oldest self-storage facility, and the other provides 903 storage units in Lierenfeld, which is our second oldest.

Which is why we want to look at reasons for moving to Dusseldorf – and for reasons to use our service there. Are there other reasons than Alt, the local beer, and Fortuna, the football club?

Here are some reasons that we think are important

  • Business and jobs

Dusseldorf offers diverse and numerous job opportunities. It is home to the headquarters of many large manufacturing and service companies, including Henkel, Vodafone, and Metro, and many other medium-sized companies. It also has a large airport and a trade fair with global appeal. As a major city, it also offers opportunities in fashion, advertising, trade, tourism, and culture. The city on the Rhine is not only an economic global player but also a political centre with numerous state authorities, the state parliament and government, and many municipal agencies. It also ranks very high among European cities for investment from Chinese and Japanese companies. And for those that are not huge fans of Germany’s seventh largest city, there is another advantage: It only takes a few minutes by train to get to other major cities like Cologne or Essen, or important industrial locations like Leverkusen and Dormagen.

  • Arts and culture

Dusseldorf has a large number of art museums and is the hometown of the famous poet Heinrich Heine. The city also has a vibrant nightlife. Mediahafen is a very popular destination, which features some jaw-dropping architecture. The theatre scene is very popular, for example, the famous “An der Kö” theatre. Many famous German musicians come from the state capital, including Die Toten Hosen, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Kollegah, and Kraftklub.

  • Surroundings and nature

One of the city’s main axes is littered with parks and green spaces: the most popular are the Japanese Park, the Rhine riverbanks, and the Rhine Terraces. Home to the Neanderthals a long time ago, Dusseldorf even has some mountains to marvel at.

  • Schools and universities

Day-care and schools are important issues for parents moving to Dusseldorf. However, there is no need to worry here: With dozens of grammar schools, Heinrich Heine University, a multitude of applied science universities, including the IST University of Applied Sciences, there is nothing left to be desired in terms of education.

  • Shopping

The always busy shopping district on Königsallee has anything on offer you could possibly desire. The street is a who’s who of international brands. But the smaller neighbourhoods also offer great shopping opportunities, while a good public transport system makes everything easy to get to.

So, think about it. LAGERBOX is lookin

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