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Interview with Lohrmanns Brew

Interview Lohrmanns Brew

Can you introduce your company and briefly tell us something about how it came about?

Developed with passion at Dresden’s technical university, Lohrmanns Brew – Germany’s first university brewery – is the result of a project that has now reached market maturity. We have since created two extraordinary beers with a depth expected from a university and an original gravity fit for academia. Our beer is currently still being produced by a larger brewery. However, we soon want to go back to producing it ourselves right here in the heart of Dresden, at Kraftwerk Mitte, sell it directly, and fulfil our dream of our own brewery headquarters with a beergarden next door.
Our mission: brewing local beers with passion and combining science and craft in a modern way. Sharing our love for beer and brewing with our guests at a unique creative location over a freshly draft Lohrmanns. In addition to bringing together science and craft, we want to carry knowledge from the university back into the city.
We want to create a place for people who enjoy regional products and who not only drink “the beer from here” but also want to experience it. For beer lovers whose taste buds crave more than an industrial one-size-fits-all flavour. For all those who enjoy good food to go with a beer and like to have good time in an industrial setting. Lohrmanns wants to contribute to conserving and expanding the diversity of German beer culture. If all goes well, we will open in the first half of 2023.
Storage room at LAGERBOX from Lohrmanns Brew

What do you store at LAGERBOX?

You can rent our services for (almost) every event, including a bar service and the matching equipment, or simply order our beers. No matter whether for 15 or 1,500 people. We have a beer bike, a mobile bar, and two beer taps for small and medium-sized events, which we store at LAGERBOX. But the storage unit is also home to our merch, ranging from coasters and bottle openers to tote bags and deck chairs. Our fans enabled us to successfully complete a round of crowdfunding at the end of last year. We got an additional LAGERBOX to store the many thank-you goodies. We got really comfy in our box and spent a whole day in it.
Of course, we also have another box for storing some of our beer in crates and kegs to distribute it as quickly as possible to all the thirsty throats out there.Lohrmanns Brew

Why Lagerbox? What do you like most about it? Why did you go for LAGERBOX?

It’s great to get to, offers a lot of space for loading and unloading, and has 24/7 security and surveillance. We also appreciate the daily goods receiving service. We are a small team and can’t always be on-site on time to receive the deliveries. Whenever we visit our box, all the crates and kegs are where they should be in the way we specified.
The best thing, however, is the LAGERBOX team. Whenever we need a helping hand, we can count on somebody to lend one.

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