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LAGERBOX in Berlin City


Berlin, du bist so wunderbar.” A sentence now almost as well known as Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner”.

Both quotes could also be applied to LAGERBOX, seeing as we have almost turned into Berliners ourselves, at least if you look at the overall number of facilities in Germany. Now counting fivestoragefacilities, the German capital tops our internal ranking.

Our Berlin-based sites can be found in the following districts: Hohenschönhausen (Hansastr. 216), Lichtenberg-Marzahn (Alt-Friedrichsfelde 62 f), Neukölln (Karl-Marx-Str. 92-98), Schöneweide-Köpenick (Michael-Brückner-Str. 32), and Spandau (Am Juliusturm 5).

If you live in the concrete jungle and need additional storage for your stuff, we are here for you. With housing in high demand, residents tend not to have enough room in their own four walls and need to store things elsewhere. In the following, we want to give you an idea why, despite this fact, Berlin is definitely still worth moving to:


  • As the capital and most populous city in Germany, Berlin is a bit like New York: a city of unlimited possibilities. Whatever your plan may be, you can do almost anything in Berlin. The local party scene is huge with countless night clubs and bars, some of which are famous worldwide.

Job or university

  • After they finish school, many students flock to the capital because it offers thousands of different possible courses for them to qualify for their future dream jobs. Some of them might decide to stay in the metropolitan region with its millions of inhabitants, seeing as it offers many and diverse career options. The city’s size also means that the chances to start a successful business are pretty good, too.


  • The city and its inhabitants is considered open, cosmopolitan, diverse, and multicultural. You will find almost anything and anyone here. Many different ways of life come together here. Because of this, the range of food and new dishes to try is also very diverse.

Culture and sights

  • The cultural offerings are incredible. There are many museums, cinemas, and parks, all of which offer high quality. Thanks to many artists of every possible musical genre coming to Berlin, there are also countless concerts. And, who knows: The chance of catching a glimpse of one or two celebrities is also quite high.
  • The three most famous sights are the TV Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Olympic Stadium, the home turf of one of the two major football clubs of the capital, Hertha BSC Berlin. If you look closely, there are still remnants of the old Berlin Wall to be discovered.

Why don’t you visit us at one of our five locations in Berlin. Our skilled and friendly staff will gladly help you out, whatever your need.