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Surfing water sports experience

Storage for surfboards

Surfing is a widely known extreme action sport. Those who practice it, or even surf-riding, boast a skill that not many have even dared to master. Originally from Hawaii, the sport tends to be practiced in coastal areas but also some rivers and, for the landlubbers out there, purpose-built, artificial streams.

The sport has become so popular that is was supposed to be included in the 2020 Summer Olympics for the first time. However, even for classic surfboarding, you need bulky equipment that is inconvenient for storing at home. Cellars, for example, especially damp ones, are unsuitable. This is were LAGERBOX comes into play. We know how to handle these situations and our self-storage concept offers the perfect storage solution for the following types of equipment.

The most important tool is, of course, a surfboard, which tends to be relatively large and bulky. You don’t want the board just lying around, so you need a protective cover, a so-called board bag. In terms of clothing, you need a wetsuit, typically made of neoprene or rubber, and a Lycra shirt to wear underneath. You also need a rope as to not lose the board in the water, a so-called leash. Smaller pieces of equipment that are nonetheless important include surfboard wax, needed to keep you from slipping of the board, and lotion to protect you from sunburn. You also need to know how to take care all these things: To keep the surfboard in good condition, it shouldn’t be exposed to too much heat. Additionally, it is important to clean sand and salt off of the board on a regular basis.

Before you pack the board, it should dry off completely, otherwise your zippers will get rusty. Of course, the board and all your equipment must be dry when you stow it away over winter. Temperatures below zero should be avoided at all costs. When storing at home, it’s not easy to factor in all these points. That’s why storing with LAGERBOX is an idea solution: we take care of all these things for you. Whatever it is, anything you don’t need in winter can be stored with us. Never mind how large your collection of surfing equipment is, or anything else that’s in your way:

LAGERBOX offers storage units in many different sizes, starting at 1 cubic metre. Why don’t you come by and see for yourself, or simply book a unit in the size you need online.