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German Service Award 2021

German Service Award

Like every year, the Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität, a German market research institute, and ntv take a good look at German companies. Customer service is crucial, whether we’re living through difficult times like this coronavirus pandemic, or not. And despite these huge challenges, there are always some companies who do things better and impress everyone with great service.

The Service Award helps consumers to identify these companies. The firms receiving the award are those that fully satisfy their customers. This year’s annual evaluation summarised a total of 54 studies and customer surveys. This includes a good 12,000 customer tests and 90,000 reviews from 1,700 companies.

In the “House and Living – Online Service” category, LAGERBOX was the only self-storage company to receive an award. In this era of digitisation, when online service is gaining the upper hand, this award is a step in the right direction.

All in all, the study shows that customer service in Germany has reached a high standard. Additionally, the study registered many improvements compared to the last time, which is a positive development considering the current difficult climate.

Overall, the award was given out in 27 categories, including, for example, education, finance, energy, travel and tourism, insurance, and health.

Who we are at LAGERBOX

We have been operating on the German self-storage market for 24 years. There are currently 26 facilities on the LAGERBOX roster. We are soon opening additional locations in Cologne, Dortmund, and Wuppertal. LAGERBOX is one of the largest providers of self-storage on the market. Our priority is to provide private and commercial customers with a broad range of high-quality services.

LAGERBOX is flexible

In addition to our on-site customer service, which includes previewing one of our many different storage units, you can also get all the information you need via telephone or book storage online.

LAGERBOX is easy

Renting storage with LAGERBOX is easy, unbureaucratic, and without long registration procedures and waiting periods.

LAGERBOX is convenient

We want you to carry as little weight as possible and to make storing hassle-free. Our facilities offer trolleys, lifting carts, and cargo elevators as well as a free-of-charge transport* van for moving in and out.

Our motto is to keep things easy, flexible, and convenient and to give your belongings a home.

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