Interesting ImmobilienScout24 study on the use of self-storage

Interesting study

We want to take a deep dive into this study and explore the diverse reasons and far-reaching advantages of using self-storage.

First of all, as you can tell by the study’s results, external storage is interesting for private and commercial users. However, there are many more good reasons for storage for both of these groups. Let’s look at the commercial side first. Self-storage offers a number of advantages for sales representatives and other salespeople working in the field. Sales reps typically work from their cars and with their mobile phones. When “on the road”, however, there is always the question of who takes care of my sales goods and who receives my deliveries? Do I store my products in my car, garage, cellar, flat, or house? Who likes to clutter their own home with sales goods, or store products in damp and insecure basements? The car is not the right place, especially insurance-wise, but temperaturefluctuations also rule it out as a viable storage option. What about the garage? It’s basically a good storage room but it should be noted that, from a legal perspective, it may only be used for vehicles and vehicle-related accessories and tools and not for storing commercial products. This rules out the garage, which could actually be a convenient storage solution. Which brings us to the storage unit: self-storage facilities enable you to store almost anything without having to mind legal requirements.

Moreover, self-storage providers typically offer a goods receiving service, enabling sales reps to be off-site and better investing their time. As mentioned in the study, self-storage is also used by small shops and other retailers, including, of course, start-ups and online shops.

But let’s also take a look at the needs of private households. In addition to said “space problems”, there is also the challenge of finding a flat in the first place. Friends and acquaintances will be happy to offer you a place to crash, but they probably won’t have the space to storefurniture and household belongings. Another popular case for using an external storage unit is when your apartment needs restructuring, for example, for starting a family. Before you move to a new place for additional space, it might be wise to turn your study or spare room into a cosy room for the new family member. If you’re decorating or refurbishing, it’s may also come in handy to use a flexible storage unit whenever you need it.

The ImmobilienScout24 study mentions another decisive benefit of self-storage: the financial incentive. Indeed, renting a storage unit saves money compared to renting more living space. In addition to pecuniary motives, using self-storage has other incentives compared to more living space that also offers economic benefits down the line.

- storage units have shorter notice periods
- storageroom sizes can be flexibly adjusted
- storage units can be shared with friends, acquaintances, and family
- storage units offer ideal security through CCTV surveillance, alarm systems, etc.

Incentives for commercial users: Storage units can be written off as a business expense.

Before you rent external storage, you should take a close look at the provider. Is the facility easy to reach by public transport and car? Can I look at the unit beforehand? What are the security features? Are my belongings insured and protected against the weather, for example, frost? The standards offered by all members of the national self-storage association are a good benchmark. All members can be viewed on the association’s website, whose members typically feature the association’s seal or otherwise reference their membership.

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