The first groundbreaking has already taken place at the third location in Cologne

third location in Cologne

Construction at our newest LAGERBOX location is now fully underway. Underground construction has already reached half-time and, once that’s finished, we will start casting the foundations and working on the building itself.

The new facility is ideally situated directly on the B8, Mühlheim’s main collector road. You can tell it’s a busy location by the numerous traffic jams along Clevischer Ring in front of our building that occur during peak traffic hours. From a strategic point of view though, it is a very interesting location for all commercial customers. Quick access to the A3 motorway as well as a diverse business environment makes this location a very attractive problem solver for storage needs.

The new site will provide about 4,300 m² lettable storage space across three stories. As usual, the LAGERBOXstorage units range between 1 m³ and 25 m². We are planning to open in late August this year.

Once opened, this will be the third LAGERBOX location in Cologne. We’re quite sure that it won’t be our last in the Cathedral City. Like many cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is a highly popular city to live and work in. Because of this, we expect a continuous increase in the number of inhabitants, which will, in turn, result in a scarcity of available and, of course, affordable housing.

Who we are at LAGERBOX

We have been in the business for 24 years. Because we’ve been in it for so long, we now have 26 locations operating all over Germany. Our focus is on providing you with broad array of services and a high-quality security concept. Under our motto ‘Simple, flexible & convenient’, our goal is that you can sit back and enjoy our services.

We strive for perfection, smooth workflows, and creating the best possible conditions for self-storage. We are continuing to expand this year. Creating new storage facilities in Dortmund as well as Wuppertal. We have many other projects in the pipeline that we will announce very soon.

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