LAGERBOX wins customer award again

Customer award

We did it again: LAGERBOX has won a prize as an award for products and services.

Our head is spinning because we can hardly believe our luck. Our customers gave their vote to LAGERBOX again. This is not just any award. It’s an award for the highest customer confidence in the entire self-storage industry.

Read on to find out how this prize was awarded and based on which selection procedure. Upon receiving such a prize, the first thing we at LAGERBOX want to do is to give thanks – to you, our customers. This is not the first time that LAGERBOX won an award for highest customer confidence.

We would like to thank all those who voted for LAGERBOX and are pleased that confidence in our product is so high. We are grateful that our customers like to use our services so much that they are happy to share and give something back,

Let’s go back to the start. On Friday, 22 September, the following email wound up in the LAGERBOX inbox: The results of a trust ranking were in and LAGERBOX had received the highest possible level of customer confidence in the self-storage industry. We have already passed on our congratulations to you. If both the customer and the company are happy, that’s always the best sign.

The email came from Handelsblatt Media Group. Reading this, we knew that WirtschaftsWoche was involved.

Indeed, commissioned by “WirtschaftsWoche”, a German business magazine, the market research institute “ServiceValue” has surveyed 544,970 customers about which brands from 116 sectors they trust the most.

The cover story of the 39/2023 issue of WirtschaftsWoche was titled “Brand Core: Integrity” and looked at which brands are the customers’ favourites, why Germans trust the “Philips” brand, although it only exists as a name today, and which brands reached the highest levels of customer confidence.

Thanks to our outstanding position in the ranking, LAGERBOX can now claim an exclusive quality seal titled “BEST CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE” 2023. This will soon be put up on the LAGERBOX website.

By the way, LAGERBOX is not only high up in the general ranking but also the winner of the entire self-storage category. The absolute deviation from the industry average is a full 10 percentage points.

What makes LAGERBOX special?

In light of these numbers, we must ask: What is so special about LAGERBOX, what does it do differently, and how has it won the trust of so many customers? The answer is not that hard. Two crucial factors for customer trust are reliability and friendliness.

If a customer has peace of mind that their belongings are stored in a secure, clean and dry environment at LAGERBOX, that the contracts are complied with, and that they can always access their things, it creates reliability and trust and a positive attitude towards LAGERBOX as a company.

The second factor, as mentioned above, is friendliness. Friendliness is an important element that makes sure that customers feel comfortable at LAGERBOX.

LAGERBOX is a place of well-being – not just for your stored belongings Our staff is crucial here. None of this would be possible without the smiles and services provided by our employees, who do all they can to support our customers in finding the perfect storage solution for each individual need.

Customer trust is not given easily and must be earned over a long period of time. LAGERBOX has earned this trust and has always sought to present itself as a reliable partner that works hard to give your things a new home.

If you are not yet a LAGERBOX customer, why don’t you come by, check out our unique offers, and become our next satisfied customer? To our existing customers: We love to have you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Quelle: Wirtschaftswoche 

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