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Are you looking for storage space for your business? Whether you’re looking to store files, merchandise, company equipment, or company belongings that you don’t currently need, LAGERBOX is the place for you. In the following article, we will highlight a few examples of self-storage for businesses, what you can store, and what the advantages are.


Store files

Every company amasses tons of files and documents, which typically have to be stored for up to ten years. If your company headquarters does not offer the room necessary for storing them, what do do with all the files and documents?

Self-storage not only offers a budget-friendly solution but also a convenient and flexible alternative for outsourcing your documents. Storage units can either be equipped with shelves or stacked with boxes. If you do need a certain file or document, our generous access hours on 365 days per year make sure that you can access your file deposit hassle-free and without prior registration.

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Stow trade goods safely

Sales reps and all other salespeople working in the field know this space problem all too well. You are working from home and make appointments with current or potential customers to present and sell your goods. But storing these goods in your own four walls or in your car is a problem, especially from an insurance point of view. 

Self-storage, on the other hand, does not only solve this space problem, but also saves time down the line, because we also offer other services, including a goods receiving service enabling you to not be present when your delivery arrives. Simply have your goods delivered to us, we will take care of the delivery and directly store the goods in your unit for you. Once your delivery has been processed, we always notify you via email. This saves you a lot of time and enables you to focus on your business. Of course, the storage unit can also be used by your colleagues – setting up a storage unit for several employees is not a problem at LAGERBOX.

By the way: Did you know that storing goods in your garage is prohibited by law?  Indeed, garages are legally meant to store cars and car-related accessories. Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us today at 0800/222 666 99.

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Rent storage space

Fitters and technicians working in the field favour LAGERBOX self-storage. Convenient locations, hassle-free access on site, and secure storage are all key points for fitters and technicians.

Convenient: Our roofed drive-in areas at all LAGERBOX locations ensure dry loading and unloading as well as a short distance to your storage unit. Our free-of-charge transport aids like trolleys and lifting carts complete the package.

Simple: Not only is renting a unit easy. Accessing your storage unit is also designed to be quick and efficient. Access to the storage facility is done via code or chip. If your unit is not on the ground floor, we have spacious cargo elevators at your disposal.

Secure: All LAGERBOX self-storage facilities have 24-hour CCTV video surveillance and alarm systems. Access to your storage unit, which is accessible only by you, is secured through a personal padlock and, most often, secured with an individual alarm. Of course, we also work together with a security company.

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Rent warehouse

Whether for a short period or in the long term, store your goods with us at excellent conditions for as long as you want. Our one-day notice periods make sure that self-storage stays flexible and you only rent and pay for storage for as long as you need it. It doesn’t matter whether your storing seasonal items or are looking for a safe place to store surplus production. 

Self-storage is very popular with start-ups and online shops. Starting at 1m³, it’s also the flexibility when it comes to storage unit sizes why more and more business owners use self-storage. 


All self-storage benefits at a glance:

  • Rent storage space starting at 1m³

  • 9,95€ per month starting price

  • Goods receiving service

  • Access 365 days/6-23*

  • Free-of-charge transport aids

  • Free-of-charge transport van when moving in

  • Unit sizes can be flexibly adjusted

  • Short notice periods from one day on

  • Highly modern security package

  • Little to no paperwork

  • Convenient and simple

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