LAGERBOX is coming to Gelsenkirchen


The ink has only just dried, and we can now proudly let you all know that we will soon be in Gelsenkirchen. Our facility will be built in the Erle district adjacent to Willi-Brand-Allee and close to Veltins Arena, which is the home ground of the Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04.

In addition to its excellent location in the middle of a business park, it will also be easy to access by the many adjoining neighbourhoods. Proximity to the A42 motorway was also crucial factor in choosing this location.

This is Gelsenkirchen

With about 260,000 inhabitants, Gelsenkirchen is a large city within the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region. The city is subdivided into 18 districts, which make up 5 city burroughs, and is famous for being very green, home to many parks, woods, and lakes. Gelsenkirchen has much more to offer than just the Schalke football club. We also recommend paying a visit to Zoom Erlebniswelt, Schloss Horst and the Nordstern Park.

What LAGERBOX is planning

The existing building is going to be rejigged in line with the principles that LAGERBOX promises its customers, i.e., that it is simple, secure, and convenient. All going well, we will build 800 storage units and a total lettable space of 4,000 m² across two stories on a 6,000m² premises. We are expecting to start the renovation work at the end of this year, so nothing should stand in the way of opening in 2022.

It is the first LAGERBOX facility in Gelsenkirchen but the third of our locations in the Ruhr area.


LAGERBOX is currently operating 26 self-storage facilities in Germany. Three additional facilities are currently under construction in Cologne, Dortmund, and Wuppertal. Several more locations are already being planned and will be announced very soon.

We are continuing down a growth path and are always on the look-out for new locations, including existing buildings, which we can remodel to meet our quality requirements.

Sustainability trend

Sustainability is a key issue for us – our new construction projects have thermal insulation, gearing them towards a so-called Kfw 70 house, and will predominantly be fitted with a green roof. We do not heat our buildings any more than is necessary to provide our services as a matter of principle, therefore making considerable savings in fossil resources.

Some of our facilities, including Cologne Ossendorf, Berlin Hohenschönhausen, and Stuttgart, have already been equipped with solar roofs. Self-supply with solar energy is a project that will be the lynchpin of LAGERBOX’s sustainability efforts in the time to come.

At our existing properties, we are working to replace all lamps, reducing the size of facades, and re-equipping our heating systems.  Rolling doors are being replaced with insulated sectional doors.

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