LAGERBOX sponsors TuS 1887 Roland Bürrig


LAGERBOX just doesn’t stop: We have fixed up another LAGERBOX sponsorship project with a football team. Again, we went for a youth team. Read on to find out why we chose a youth team and how these sponsorships work.

This time, LAGERBOX is sponsoring TuS 1887 Roland Bürrig from Leverkusen. This is now the third sponsorship with a focus on clothing that LAGERBOX has agreed on with a football team. The first two sponsorships went to teams in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

The team in Leverkusen now makes creates a triplet of LAGERBOX-sponsored teams in the region. Of course, LAGERBOX has a storage facility in Leverkusen and hopes that the visibility of the sponsorship on the team’s jerseys will encourage some people to rent a storage unit for things that are cluttering their households.

The team is the D-level youth team of the club, which is the under 13s. They will be equipped with shirts and jackets. Why did we choose another youth team and how does such a sponsorship work? Other than the Bundesliga, the youth clubs are not paid to provide space for advertising. Money is usually tight and everybody’s more than happy about some fresh jerseys.

In the youth segment, LAGERBOX sees these jersey sponsorships as social projects, promoting exercise and health and making sure the boys and girls get enough fresh air. This is the reason why LAGERBOX covers the costs of buying the jerseys with its logo and claim – and gets some free advertising in return.

The under 13s at Roland Bürrig consist of three teams. The first team plays in the first class of the U13 juniors district league, the ninth division of the German league, and is in a respectable third place after eleven games. Only Cologne’s partner clubs SC West and Nippes 12 are ahead of Bürrig. Other Cologne-based local clubs are far removed.

The second under 13s team plays in the U13 juniors district league class 5. Here, too, the team has reached a strong third place. In front, again, Nippes 12, who also have a second strong team, and the under 13s of Zollstock. The second team has scored 22 points so far.

The third under 13s team is in the 4th class of the U13 district league. Their performance doesn’t quite hold up. With four points scored in ten games, they are second to last, trailing only TFC Köln. The men’s team of the club plays the B class of the district league with a proper district league atmosphere every Sunday. LAGERBOX is committed to supporting this type of local football before is forgotten.

The club promotes more than football. Several other sports are practised under one roof. They include badminton, gymnastics,table tennis, volleyball, and darts.
TuS has a lot of things on its agenda after the winter break. So does LAGERBOX.

We have news on several new expansions
Three new facilities will open in 2024. They will be in Remscheid, Arnsberg, and Wuppertal. Planning is well underway for new locations in Erfurt, Essen, and Bremen. LAGERBOX is expanding so that people all over Germany have only a short commute to their nearby self-storage facility.

In addition to storage boxes and jersey sponsorships, LAGERBOX is passionate about other issues. Sustainability and environmental protection have been playing increasingly important roles in our company. The overwhelming majority of our facilities are now built based on energy-efficient passive designs.

More and more roofs are being equipped with green areas or solar panels. The latter is important so that our facilities can power themselves in the near future. Our facility in Cologne Ossendorf is already doing so. In addition to a storage facility, the Ossendorf building is also home to the headquarters of our holding company. Still, the building is able to power both. Bit by bit, we want all other LAGERBOX facilities to follow suit.

For more information on our sustainability goals, jersey sponsorships, expansion plans, and details on how to rent a storage unit at LAGERBOX, please use our navigation.

LAGERBOX Sponsoring Roland Bürrig

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