Expanding in Düsseldorf Lierenfeld


LAGERBOX is expanding: We’re adding new storage units in Düsseldorf

The last remaining areas at our LAGERBOX facility in Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld (Königsberger Straße 100) are now being developed. What is going to happen exactly? We’re creating 300 new storage units for additional customers looking for external storage. These 300 new storage units will cover a total area of 1,700 square metres.

The expansion will start soon. We will kick off construction in November or early December and a short time later everything will be done. Completion of the new boxes is scheduled for January 2024. And so it won’t take long until your things can find a home there.

LAGERBOX and sustainability

But wait, what is the LAGERBOX concept? And what’s the point of renting a LAGERBOX storage unit? After looking at the details of the expansion in Düsseldorf, here is some basic info on that facility and the self-storage concept in general. Let’s look at the first question first.
The concept of LAGERBOX is that you can rent storage units for the external storage of your belongings.

Belongings include almost any item you can think of. People store things with us that they don’t need in their homes on a daily basis, or that are in the way and cluttering their flats and houses. These are often bulky items, like furniture, that take up a lot of room. Most people have things in their homes that they don’t need in their everyday lives. However, they do need them occasionally. For these things, there is LAGERBOX.

There are other reasons why people use LAGERBOX for storage. A popular reason is moving house. When people move, the amount of space they have in their flats or houses changes, too. If you move into a smaller flat, for example, you might have too many things that don’t fit in your new place. Conversely, you might have a lot more room but you also want to change how you use that room and buy new furniture. This is another scenario in which using LAGERBOX might be useful.

If you’re going abroad for a longer period, you can store your things in a unit at LAGERBOX until you return.

Many of our customers don’t have storage space except for damp cellars, where any item of some value will either rust, mould, or be damaged in some other way. Professional self-storage at LAGERBOX ensures that none of these things happen. We have units in all shapes and sizes: ranging from very small to very large boxes. Use our handy size calculator on the LAGERBOX website to find out how much space you need and to make sure you don’t pay for more than you need. We think that’s fair to our customers.

Not throwing old things away is also more environmentally friendly. This is what people now refer to as sustainability. If you don’t have space for certain things in your home or office, come to LAGERBOX and store those things with us. The more sustainable you are, the less resources you waste. This benefits the climate and saves the scant resources we have on this planet.

Info on our facility in Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld

Our facility in Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld even has a drive-in area for convenient loading and unloading. Moreover, we offer post office boxes, parking spaces, and great transport connections despite the busy Düsseldorf traffic. We’re just a minute away from Königsberger Strasse and our generous premises are easily accessible with vehicles of all sizes.

The facility is also equipped with the tried-and-tested LAGERBOX security features: Access is coded, the building has alarm systems and video surveillance, and your unit is individually secured.

LAGERBOX in numbers

LAGERBOX has been offering self-storage in Germany for over 26 years. Our 30 storage facilities are currently letting out over 100,000 m². More than 16,000 customers are currently storing their belongings with LAGERBOX. We are currently developing two more self-storage facilities in Wuppertal and Remscheid. Planning is underway for Essen, Bremen, Arnsberg, and Erfurt.

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