first LAGERBOX location in Dresden

first location Dresden

Dresden, 29 August 2018

The new LAGERBOX location on Hamburger Strasse 40 is now providing the people of Dresden with access to storage units ranging between 1 m³ and 25 m². This is Saxony’s state capital first LAGERBOX facility. The new building on Hamburger Strasse offers a grand total of 1,300 storage units. ‘Anything worth having is worth waiting for,’ says Volker Borner, director of operations at LAGERBOX, and adds: ‘The new building took us a good while. It makes us all the prouder that we officially opened last week and can now hand over a secure and modern self-storage facility to our customers.’

Bit by bit, we will take care of a few remaining details on the grounds. A bakery shop of the local Bäckerei Claus is also integrated into the new building. In addition to its modern interior, it will also boast Dresden’s first drive-in bakery.

LAGERBOX is making changes at Alte Mälzerei

There is more! Construction on an additional facility in Dresden is already underway. We are not only refurbishing Alte Mälzerei, a historical department store building, but also fully modernising it and bringing back some of its old magic. In addition to many retailers, LAGERBOX is providing rentable storage in the building to customers in Dresden looking for external storage space.

Much like the city’s economy, its number of inhabitants has also been on the rise in recent years. In addition to its most famous landmark, the Frauenkirche, Dresden is replete with historic buildings and breathes history on every corner. ‘We wanted to set an example with the way we refurbished and redeveloped “Alte Mälzerei” and took Dresden’s history as an example. We already have a range of new tenants, including Boys & Girls, a children’s shoe store that has two stores in Dresden, and Little John Bikes, who will also navigate and coordinate their business from the Mälzerei offices in addition to their shop,’ says Volker Borner.

We still have some smaller stores available and are already in negotiation with interested parties. If you are interested in renting a shop premises, we recommend you act quickly. Naturally, we won’t just give out a lease to anyone, but will look very carefully at which tenants are a good match for the Mälzerei and for the other tenants.

LAGERBOX is on an expansion course

LAGERBOX currently has 20 locations and is continuing to grow. Berlin is getting three new locations, two of which are already under construction. The facility in Berlin Spandau is planned to open as early as this year. Other new locations in Cologne, Dortmund, Bielefeld, and Wuppertal have already entered the planning phase and will soon advance to the construction phase.

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