LAGERBOX is completely renewed

LAGERBOX zeigt sich grunderneuert

Change is good; everything has to change someday. It also goes for Germany's first self-storage provider in Germany. LAGERBOX has been around since 1997, making us not only one of the largest suppliers in the country, but also a pioneer in our industry. But of course we do not want to rest on our laurels, but to continually improve ourselves - for our customers. How do we do that in detail and how do we even improve the LAGERBOX feeling? The self-storage pioneer in a new format introduces itself.

New identity

In professional circles, it is called corporate identity, and we have changed a lot. This means for you; you will experience us from now on with a whole new coat of paint. It does not only apply to the new locations that we are opening, for example, in Berlin Spandau and Münster. Our corporate presentation will also present itself in a new way. We now have a new logo, a new motto and have also spiced up our website.

More online presence on all channels

We are stepping up online, and that's in two ways because we have decided to be even more in the online presence, better findable, more social media. In our extensive news section, our editors also regularly provide you with fresh news from the company and the industry. At the same time, however, we are entirely reorganized with our most important foundation for a successful online presence.

New LAGERBOX website

A website is the representation of a company on the Internet. No company that cares for itself or its success leaves out the opportunities offered by a good web presence.

After all, is our megaphone to you, our customers. On the other hand, the website - and here we have again added a lot - also offers you a lot of valuable information about us and our services: more user-friendliness, great tools like the free unit calculator, great pricing overview.

Get to know LAGERBOX all over again

And of course the introduction of our storage spaces. It is about being able to get to know and explore us and our services and products in detail. You will discover us as a service provider, your advantages through our excellent storage units and all the possibilities that await you when it comes to the recipe for success self-storage. And so, hopefully, discover your enthusiasm for us, the self-storage pioneer, now new and even better!

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